Eduardo Santamarina

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Eduardo Santamarina (Eduardo Santamarina)

In September 1999, Eduardo married ITAT Kantoral, who bore him two twin boys. For the role of Antonio in the ‘Price of your love’, he was awarded the ‘Golden Palm’.

He would not receive money for “El Precio de tu amor” (“The price of your love”)

No one likes to work for free. Eduardo Santamarina, Antonio “El Precio de tu amor”, it shook so much that he became indifferent to the board for their work. “Sometimes the actors accept the invitation to play in any telenovela just for the money, in my case, in this story, I would agree to appear and for free,” – he says.

In the ten years of his acting the way Eduardo Santamarina has learned to take care of his career and skill to choose the job. that it is most suitable. This new project, he would have made free.

“I have always had the role of renowned doctors, travelers. magnates and businessmen. The case of the”El precio de tu amor”is completely different from what it was in the past, because to start, Antonio, my character does not have any pesos for the soul. Toko teaches his honesty and desire to be more than it really is, to the ease with which we suddenly lose touch with reality, forget from which we suffer, we forget our roots, and this is exactly what should not lose no man “.

His partner

Actor. who also played in “Marisol”(Marisol) and”Serafin”says that after his participation in the”El precio de tu amor” his new occupation will be producing theatrical productions. In this endeavor, it is supported by his wife, ITAT Kantoral.

“We feel that the telenovela alienated us another way to achieve something, to be together – it is producing. is on the other side of the barricades. We are now in the process of selecting the play, and then we will appoint its director”.

Eduardo has mentioned the idea to work together with the ITAT came to him after he was one of the producers in tandem with Jacqueline Andere.

“This experience has enriched me and now I have to use the opportunity arises, do projects that we like and which can bring benefit and whether they will have a box office success or not”.

Although Eduardo was not invited to work on the painting “Serafin”, telenovela of the same name became his of satisfaction: “I am proud to have been part of this project. If you ever want to shoot the second part of this telenovela, I would like to enter in its cast, “- he concluded.

Eduardo SantamarinaEduardo Santamarina
Eduardo SantamarinaEduardo Santamarina
Eduardo SantamarinaEduardo Santamarina

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