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Eddie Izzard, inquisitive transvestite

Here is the man who seems the embodiment of all the best that is in an English-speaking stand-up comedy. He began with performances on the streets of London: urban legends say that in the struggle for the viewer, he once even won a number of blazing house. Live classic. But let’s order.

This – Eddie Izzard. He is very funny. This would finish, because the Russian language has translated almost all his shows (you can now dolistat to the end and start to look), but I still would like to tell a little bit about it.

Start to have that Izzard – a transvestite. Almost 50-year-old bearded man sometimes acts in women’s clothing, calls himself “lesbiyanom” and married. Why is that? A lot of understanding in this Brian Molko, lead singer of Placebo, says:

As for me, it is cross-dresser. But there is a difference between a transvestite and cross-dresser. Transvestite is usually the guy who sings karaoke on Saturday nights. The image of a sort of a drag-queen, very thrash, with a beard, browse through a layer of makeup. But with Eddie, we found similar thoughts. We like to wear women’s clothes in order to have the same freedom that women who dress in men’s things. Eddie often takes the stage with a beard, with makeup and a skirt. Here is a mixed genre and me interested. We do not substitute false breasts to look like women. We’re just trying to determine what it means to be like a man or a woman in the 2000s.

Izzard says that he likes to look good. He is a European, a free man: free thought, free to act. Besides – a reason for trolling.

Free play fluent. He once showed on the stage of the tractor, which sucked from diesel fuel. It was not very similar, of course, but funny.

Izzard – educated, fluent in French, an Englishman, born in Yemen, and world culture is not just in his head. In Izzard dyslexia (brain damage, at which displaced the usual relationship between writing, speech, and memory), and so, apparently, in the head – jam from the notorious culture.

It is rumored that Izzard because dyslexia is not ready to perform, but just one and a half hours of talks suddenly remembered his funny stuff. Of course, by George Carlin and Louis Xi Kay. who spend hours polishing a phrase, there are differences; Of course, successful way wander from one show to another, which is why it seems that Izzard forgot something; Of course, Izzard can improvise; he may be, and does not write anything that is going to say, but it does not change the script. However, it does not matter.

Like all the enlightened European, Izzard feels responsible part of the world historical process. He consistently laborer, a Democrat, globalist and an atheist. For someone to prove something, he recently ran 47 marathons in 51 days. It is generally pure forrestgampovschina, but that person – with beliefs.

Do not fit in this portrait the way he talks about all sorts of moronic little things in life, which is a pity, he says well.

Izzard appears regularly on television, he starred in “Monty Python”, “12”and”Ocean’s 13″, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, played by Charlie Chaplin in the film “The Cat’s Meow” and a dozen more minor roles.

But the main thing, of course – stand-up. the benefit of the Russian language translated six of the eight polnometrazhek Izzard.

Subtitle and translations

«Unrepeatable» & lt; Unique & gt; (1994). Izzard made his first tour of England in 1993. The concerts were a success, especially debyutantskim standards. But almost immediately after his graduation Izzard is a new program and then goes on tour. “Unique” – this seems to be an attempt to justify himself for haste. Stripped-down version of the concert for the first time in the biography Izzard gets on TV, but its very beginning to call a national treasure.

«Definite Article» & lt; definite article & gt; (1996). Izzard discovers his talent producer. This is his first full show with professional decorations, light and most importantly – make-apom. Izzard gives the four-month tour of the UK, France (speaks in French, in the future it will become a tradition), the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries and the USA (45 concerts in New York, sold out), and at the end of 1996 as the best stand-up artist on both sides of the Atlantic.

«Glorious» & lt; Great & gt; (1997). More and more attention is being paid Izzard “big themes”: religion, world history, social structure. The scenario is built parallel to the Bible – the Old Testament before Armageddon. In one of the show’s going to 8000 people at a time – this is still a record figure.

«Dress To Kill» & lt; murderous outfit & gt; (1998). Not only in my opinion – the best show Izzard. Available in three different translations (including – censored, for children and parents). Recorded in America, significantly deposited on the scenario.

«Circle» & lt; circle & gt; (2000). There are a number of repetitions (evolution of the scenes and motives will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn standup), but what about the final miniature Death Star is not yet that.

«Stripped» & lt; Stripped & gt; (2009). The last to date show Izzard, ranked as the lecture about the history of mankind. Hopefully, after that, no one idiot not to remind about diskleksiyu and no script.

Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard

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