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Who they are: girls Grand Theft Auto 5?

Two blonde girls who appeared in GTA 5. artah willy-nilly, but those stirred up our Internet, as in his time, Lola of GTA 4. And it is likely that these young ladies, like Lola, are only a work of art and did not relate to the characters in the game.

Even so, there is always a question – to whom they are so similar? After illustrators drew them with something. Either a character or a specific people (even if not copying a one to one).

And if we do about the characters that can not say anything, it’s about real archetypes – please.

Let’s start with the first blonde with iFruit. In fact, this young lady who looks like a lot.

The most, perhaps, an exact copy, this Sveynpol Candice (Candice Swanepoel) . One of the most popular in the world of underwear models.

She was only 24 years old and from South Africa, but for the year Candice makes his appearance about three million dollars.

Second, Similarity, a girl, is Kate Upton (Kate Upton) . Model, actress, American, 20 years old, all the cases.

Unlike Sveynpol, at Upton less like the person, but the body shape … well … they are more uniform, or something.

And finally, the Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski (Yvonne Strahovski) . with Polish roots, 30 years old. Best known for the TV series “Dexter».

As a result, it may be noted that this type is very common in today’s world of show business, art and more. It can be attributed to the second blonde art. And indeed, the probability that this is the same girl – very high.

However, on hooliganism and found a double.

This actress Makelligot Dominique (Dominique Mcelligott) . It is known to many through the wonderful series “Hell on Wheels”or a great movie”Moon 2112”. She was 26 years old and she is Irish.

As an officer Vaskuyaz, then it has a resemblance to the America Ferrera (America Ferrera) . especially as they look after Ferrer in “Patrol” where she plays a cop.

There are more and Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez) . American actress, best known for lovers of «Lost» and known by the rest of the “Resident Evil».

She was in ’34 and she likes to play video games. And, most interestingly, in an interview, she stated that she would like to play. Vasquez. Yes. Only she was referring to the character from the world of “Aliens”, but nevertheless a little too many similarities.

I would like to hear your comments with comparisons. Perhaps you’ve found some other similarities and keep quiet about it?

Dominique McelligottDominique Mcelligott
Dominique McelligottDominique Mcelligott
Dominique McelligottDominique Mcelligott

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