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Celebrities and their unusual pets

Author: Svetlana Misnik 09.07.2015

Stars love not only to see, but like all original. This also applies to our smaller brethren. Many celebrities already do not like the usual cats, parrots, fish, rabbits and dogs, so they give birth to exotic pets. Today we decided to please you and tell you about the most unusual pet taken care of the rich and famous.

Mike Tyson and his tiger

What is your pet in addition to tiger could make boxing world champion? Of course it is only because the animals have to be like their owners.

For a long time, Mike lived five Royal Bengal Tiger (three boys and two girls), with some of them, “Iron Mike” even slept in the same bed. Daily maintenance of large cats boxer spent 4 thousand. Dollars, but had to say goodbye to pets. According to some data, Tyson could not get a license for the maintenance of pets, on the other – he had financial difficulties and the content of the Tigers go beyond its capabilities. In an interview on a talk show, Mike said he wanted to return to their pets, but the wife is not allowed to keep such beasts near children.

It is interesting that in addition to Tiger Tyson fascinated by the pigeons that make and become a boxer (more about this story you can learn from the detailed biography of the champion).

Kristen Stewart and her cub

Apparently, inspired with the twilight saga, and werewolves, Kristen decided to have one at home in memory of the former shooting.

However, the actress does not live a full wolf and a dog and a wolf hybrid. Such a gift was presented to Kristen’s mother Jules its 24 th anniversary. Interestingly, the proximity to the wolf pleases not all – for example, a dog named Stuart Bailey, which she started in the period of the relationship with Pattinson does not make friends with the new family member. And the neighbors are not happy with the wolf in the neighborhood. By the way, Kristen called her pet Jack and says he is very affectionate and obedient.

French Montana and monkey

The famous rapper from the Bronx recently was a nobody, and now can afford an affair with Kloe Kardashian, and a huge mansion and doroguschy monkey, which appeared at the rapper because of an unusual gift from Malley Molla.

French called it the name of the great general Julius Caesar. We hope that the care of the monkey as it should, and it is not will move to the zoo. Interestingly, in addition to Julia at the rapper live two cubs.

It is noteworthy capuchin monkey lives and favorite teenage girls Justin Bieber.

Paris Hilton and home kinkajou

This blonde in chocolate is famous for his love of various animals. People just do not have it. One of the pupils is a kinkajou Paris.

Do you know who this is? It is a predatory mammal of the raccoon family, like a ferret. His home kinkajou socialite named Baby Love, often drags him along to the event. In 2006, Paris Baby bitten and had to be vaccinated against rabies. Veterinarians offered glamorous Fife euthanize a pet, but the famous heiress refused.

Dominic Monaghan and his pets

Star TV series “Lost” just loves exotic animals and insects. He has a home, you can find a spider, whose name Uitchirat and tropical snake Blinky and beetle mantis Gizmo.

After receiving the fee for the role of Mary in the trilogy “Lord of the Rings’ Dominic bought a forest in India and turned it into a nature reserve. The actor did not indifferent to the environment – Monaghan is actively involved in organizations for the protection of nature and animal protection. And Dominique is the protagonist of the documentary “Dominic Monaghan and the most wild creatures,” which defies the wild and dangerous animals.

Vanilla Ice and vallaru

This is the second in our ranking rapper pamper yourself an unusual pet. Vanilla Ice has long cared vallaru (this is a cross between a kangaroo with a conventional large wallabies) named Bucky Baccarat.

Robert loved his pet, but in 2004, Bucky has decided that it’s time to chance. Vallaru escaped from owner in Florida, it was never found. Since then, Vanilla Ice has decided he does not want to have pets, but made an exception only for the goat Pancho, who lived with him and his vallaru.

Octopus Nicolas Cage

At the eminent Hollywood actor, known for his extravagance, there was a very unusual animal. In 2012, Nicholas bought octopus $ 150 thousand. Dollars.

The actor bought a cephalopod a reason – according to some octopus should help to cope with the regular role of Nicholas. Apart from mollusk Cage live two king cobras – Moby and Sheba, with whom he also occasionally communicate and finds inspiration for acting.

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Dominic MonaghanDominic Monaghan
Dominic MonaghanDominic Monaghan
Dominic MonaghanDominic Monaghan

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