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Group Members

Martin Gore

Martin Lee Gore – Staff genius. Yes! That he is a brilliant writer of almost all songs of Depeche Mode. Moreover, both text and music. His songs represent the world as it is for the many millions of fans of the band on the planet.

But let’s order.

There was he born July 23, 1961 in London, in a working family. Stepfather and grandfather worked at the automobile plant “FORD”, and my mother – in Basildon nursing home. In addition to the green-eyed baby Martin, the family had two more children (female). In 10 years, modest and shy, Martin realizes that his mother’s music idols – Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, by Del Shannon – very touching his child’s soul. And at age 13 he learned to play the acoustic guitar (fateful moment!), Over the years, more and more developing this skill. Soon takes up the piano. It turns out quite well!

Before the age of 18, he was a quiet, home boy. I do not hang out and do not consume alcohol. He played cricket for his school team St. Nicholas, taught French and German, but could not stand the story. However, the unloved and the subjects dealt with “cheers”. Well, he was a – a responsible and diligent. After high school, Gore is hired to work in the London bank teller. A few meters away from his office, by the way, is an insurance company Sun Life, which then runs a E.Fletcher. At work, Martin reacted to the mediocre. Young, shy and bezynitsiativen. But by the time (it would have known colleagues), he already being played in a guitar duet “Norman and the Worms” for a couple with school friend Phil Burdett. As you said at the next performance with a simple synthesizer, Gore met with the guys in the club – Vince Clarke and Andrew Fletcher, who had already been a musical collective. Since then, in fact, began the history of the current group Depeche Mode.

Now, Martin – the head of the family, married to a German woman Susan Lee Gore, the father of three children – a newly born baby Kaylee Leon, Britney Spears fans of Eva Lee and Lee Wiwa. Live like it is now in California. He plays football and computer games, drinking red wine, eating sushi and suffers no radio, with its huge collection of music CDs. Cook soup. She believes in ghosts and reincarnation, is a fan of “Arsenal”, and sometimes hate to be one of Depeche Mode.

David Gaan

A person’s voice, the heart, the soul and the pain Depeche Mode – an amazing man of contrasts. That’s who is Dave. His life’s opposites can talk endlessly. Let’s try to briefly and succinctly hint about the uniqueness frontman “Basildon quartet”.

Dave festive born May 9, 1962 in the English town of Epping. His family was religious. My mother and grandmother worked at the Salvation Army. However, a father behaved strangely, leaving some reason wife Sylvia Ruth with her older daughter and 5-year-old kid Dave. Later, in the family, with a new chapter, there are two more sons. Now Dave had got the status of an older brother, and had a ball. At school he was barely making ends meet. But desperately stealing cars, he painted graffiti on the walls, listening to Clash and Sex Pistols, bullies, smoking, and generally was a rare vandal. Up to 14 years it has repeatedly drawn over the “arts”to the police. And after 14 years, by the way, too. Mama lamented, saying that”Dave probably need more love”upset and slept poorly. It helps only a sleeping pill. And”our punk horror story”quickly realized, probably with someone filing that my mother’s sleeping pills can be used for very different purposes. In general, the”wheels, girls, punk rock”.

In the 16 years after the “muddle-end”beloved school, Dave rushed to work. He was a laborer on a construction site and a supermarket, selling drinks and creativity expressed in the group”The Vermin”. A couple of dozen unskilled jobs he had to change before the idea did not come over and already in the good do their studies. In 1979 he entered the Southern College of Art, where he studied Design Showcase, hoping for their future in a volatile fashion industry. And in 1981, during a spontaneous concert in some club, his fantastic voice like a certain band of Vince Clarke “Composition of Sound”, in which he suggested that Dave start immediately. Immediately Zaim influence in the team, Gahan insists on changing the name of the ensemble. Depeche Mode. So he called and offered.

In fact, what happened with Dave all the time to come, it is necessary to allocate a separate, not the smallest place. What we will do. And now you can tell that he now lives in New York with his beloved Jennifer. Which leads to the school her son Jimmy and doted in their common daughter Stella Rose, not forgetting his eldest son, Jack. To drink French wine, he runs in the morning, watching hockey and news, sometimes sitting with a fishing rod, and paints a picture with the soul drives a car, listening to classic rock radio station in New York. And no longer afraid of real life.

Andy Fletcher

Just a good man. Here it is, the most accurate definition of the essence of Andy Fletcher. He’s a little musician, a little producer, singer and almost absolutely no writer. But much of Depeche Mode, which is about once could collapse, survived only thanks to him.

Andrew John Fletcher born July 8, 1961 in Nottingham, the son of simple workers. We can not say that it was brought up the street, but Andy is very often emphasizes his working-class origins. At a very early age, blue-eyed redhead boy enthusiastically began to play football, but after football, oddly enough, he came to church and Sunday school classes at. And, in addition to sports and religious activities, from early youth, he worked for the good of the family. Delivering newspapers, cleaning the public toilets was an auxiliary worker at the grocery store. Even managed to work an agent of the insurance company and to serve in the bank. With 13 years he has flexing guitar, and 17 bit mastering keyboards. Neat and Braves, Fletch always manages everything, learning passable, and his kindness and tall (ninety-meter) often wins beauties same age. In particular, one of his girlfriends was subsequently “girlfrend” th Martin Gore. Being an active member of the church organization ‘Boys Brigades’, Andy became friends with another leader of this organization, the notorious Vince Clarke. They subsequently yavyatsya pioneers of the musical group known to us.

We should be grateful to Andy for what he has always been the core of Depeche Mode, it has always been and is and will be a haven of peace and stability. Grain Wife, daughter, Megan, and son Joseph – this is Andy’s marital status at the time. He lives in London, as a true Englishman in the morning looks “Times”, includes a restaurant, “Gascogne” great versed in cooking, to read the Bible, still loves football and table tennis, trying never to be late and do not have a unique taste in music .

Alan Wilder

“The great magician of sound”, “Gravity”and”point of concentration sullen mystery.”Once is not called this a significant figure in the life of Depeche Mode fans and musicians themselves. Having existed for this team single whole 14 years, Mr.”Slick”is still the”Person of Depeche Mode”. Do not tell him you can not.

June 1, 1959 in Hammersmith, one area of ​​West London, was born Alan Charles “Slick” Wilder. In the family, he was the youngest child, in addition to three other brothers. Since childhood surrounded by music, liked it and understand, little Alan was given by parents to study at the School of Music in piano. And when he was eleven, he studied fine and at St. Clement (St. Clement Danes Grammar School), and has already achieved some success in the musical field: in addition to the piano, he began learning to play the flute. Soon Wilder becomes even soloist School Symphony Orchestra. By sixteen, Alan, still diligently learn fugue already had got his own taste in music, loving the music of David Bowie and Marc Bolan.

Soon after, in 1975, Wilder decides to look for a job in their field. Bypassing all the London record companies, he finds an assistant sound engineer in a position DJM Studious in the West End. Since then, he has worked with many musical groups as a session keyboardist, and his talent, backed by hard work, “came out”completely. In 1976 he became a member of its first group –”The Dragons”. After the collapse of the “Dragon”Wilder joins the team of”Dafne And The Tenderspots”. The band played in clubs and at one concert they managed to conclude a contract with MAM Records. The group was short-lived, and therefore Alan in it too. Then there were the Real To Real. You can be surprised, but the group met the same fate as the two previous commands. In 1981, our keyboard player with the experience read a magazine ad ‘Melody Maker’: “The group is looking for a keyboard player. If you do not have more than 21 years.”. Alan was already 22. But it is silent on this. And only played a few works, including one of the last hits of Depeche Mode – ‘New Life’. This is, perhaps, just three already popular and ambitious young men! Then you will know everything. As for the solo career, he was engaged in Wilder yet being part of Depeche Mode. In 1986 he published the first own record. The project Recoil. This is now the cause of his life.

Today, Mr. Wilder is full of enthusiasm and love of life. He is happily married to his wife Hepsiboy session (former member of the group Miranda Sex Garden). Daughter Paris and son Stanley Duke. Beautiful house and ultramodern own studio. Working with many stars and world recognition. What else a person needs to be happy. )

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