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David Walliams

English comedian and actor best known as a comedian partner Matthew Richard Lucas in the sketch show “Your Britasha” and member of the sitcom «Rock Profile».

Author: Alexei Bulatov

David Uolliams as David Williams was born August 20, 1971 in Surrey, England, UK.

His father, Peter Williams, was an engineer of the London Transport, and his mother, Kathleen Williams, an excellent laboratory assistant.

Both of his parents appeared on the British show «The Friday Night Project», when their son David was a guest star of this new variety-show.

Uolliams was educated in elementary school and high school Collingwood Reigate. David studied drama at the University of Bristol. He was a member of the National Youth Theatre, where he met Lucas.

He changed his name to “Williams”to”Uolliams” when he joined the union of actors «Equity», because there was already a party by the name of David Williams.

His first significant appearance on television went on the channel Sky1, as Leslie, in the program of computer entertainment, “World of Games”in 1993. After that he became a member of the first season of the children’s game show”Great Game” in 1994.

Uolliams starred in the video of Charlotte Haderli, the former guitarist of the popular team of «ASH», called «Bastardo», which also appeared Simon Pegg, Lauren Laverne and Matt Lucas. Along with Lucas, the actor starred in the video of the British group «Fat Les» for the song «Vindaloo» (the unofficial anthem of the English national football team at the 1998 FIFA World Cup).

Together with Mark Gatissom, actor, producer and screenwriter of the film “The League of Gentlemen Apocalypse”, he wrote «The Pitch of Fear», «The Web of Caves» and «The Kidnappers» – parodies of well-known TV series “Doctor Who”and he took part in them in 1999. Later, David was in audiopostanovku”Phantasmagoria”from the producers of «Big Finish», again on the materials of”Doctor Who».

In 2000, he played in the series Jake Plaskova channel BBC «Attachments», then landed a role in Retsa surreal sitcom Rob Grant «Strangerers», broadcast on Sky1.

He took a guest starring role in the series “Black Books”, and also played in an episode of «EastEnders» in 2003 and in the second episode of “Miss Marple».

In 1999, David came to Edgar Wright, where, together with the role played by Simon piebald impressionist painter in the series “Weird».

Uolliams and Rob Brydon cooperated in the sitcom «Home», which was developed in 2003 as the most winning number for their career, and became a star of the show Ronnie Corbett.

In 2006 Uolliams appeared in Michael Winterbottom comedy “Tristram Shandy: A History of cock and bull”and later in the same year, presented a documentary about James Bond, called”David Uolliams: My Life with James Bond.”Generally, one of London’s party 35-year-old David, said that claims to be the next 007,”Well, what I’m David? Look at me – the spitting image of Pierce Brosnan. Can not you see? “. At the same time he came to the party with her mother. Member of “your Britashi” becomes a superspy? Well, an interesting idea …

In 2007, the actor returned to the non-commercial television, gathered excellent reviews thanks to the brilliant acting performance as the suave and dangerous man manipulator Greville White in Stephen Poliakoff British drama «Capturing Mary». In the same year, David starred in the comedy in the style of the immortal “Decameron”, the movie “Virgin Territory”, and in 2008 played the comedian Frankie biopik «Frankie Howerd: Rather You Than Me», staged channel BBC4.

August 26, 2008, he first appeared on the scene – in the international Gate Theatre in Dublin, where he and Michael Gambon starred in the black comedy famous playwright Harold Pinter’s play “No Man’s Land”, to an audience which included a Pinter himself. Also this year, he voiced a character action games fantasy Andrew Adamson’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian».

David signed a contract with Harper Collins publishing his two children’s books, the first of which is to be presented in autumn 2008. g of.


For a long time Uolliamsom a reputation for casting doubt on his sex

ualnuyu orientation. There are many jokes about this, comic situations and comments collected on the DVD to “your Britashi.”July 20, 2007 on the show”8 Out of 10 Cats”Uolliams jokingly said:”You attribute to me all wrong. Well, I’m gay. ” However, in an interview to «Queerday», he said that his life really would be easier if he was attracted by men. Previous rumors that he and Lucas crossed the bar of friendship, love affair began, were unfounded. Also Uolliams was seen for a brief romance with Australian model Emily Scott – is not proof of heterosexuality?

From 2005 to the present day Uolliamsu pretty exhausting nerves of 29-year-old Sarah Bartholomew, sending him erotic poems, gifts such as underwear. She surreptitiously photographed him in his house. The woman forbidden to appear in a London studio. The representative of the Metropolitan Police confirmed the reality of the persecution.

David WilliamsDavid Williams
David WilliamsDavid Williams
David WilliamsDavid Williams

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