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The American actor, producer, director, screenwriter.

David Krumholtz born into a poor Jewish family. His mother – a dentist Judy, in 1956, emigrated to the US from Hungary; father – a postal worker Michael. I grew up with an older sister Dawn. He graduated from New York University.

Kramholts acting career began at age thirteen when vmeset friends went to audition for the Broadway show. Of himself without expecting this, David landed a role in a play, where he made his debut in 1992.

Shortly thereafter took his debut in the film – he played a major role in the film “is urgently needed star”(1993), where his partner was Michael J. Fox. This was followed by a new job in the movie”Addams Family Values ​​”(1993) and the role of the elf in the Christmas movie”Santa Claus”(1994). In the same 1994 Devil played a major role in his first TV series -“”, Monti that lasted only a few epihodov.

Growing up, David Krumholtz trying to get rid of the teen roles, and one of his first “adult”The film became a”Ice Storm”(1997),”Slums of Beverly Hills”(1998). In 1999, he starred in the popular youth film”10 Things I Hate”(1999), with him starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Stiles, and appeared in the movie”The heights of freedom”(1999), where he played the character of contradictions rolny young man. This role he attracted the attention of director Edward Burns, invited him to his independent project”Sidewalks of New York” (2001). Appearing in a multi-faceted role Krumholts able to show that he is able to cope with quite complex roles that served some impetus to his career.

The first film, which starred David, was the romantic comedy “Well, you moron,”published in rent only on DVD. In 2004 Kramholts appeared in minor roles in the film”Ray”and”Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle».

In 2005, David received an invitation to appear in the series “”, 4isla as a brilliant mathematician Charlie Eppes, who helps his brother Don, an FBI agent, to deal with crimes using math. This series did David Krumholtz enough known. Television critic Matt Rush wrote that the role of Charlie Epps for Kramholtsa – is”probably his best work on television.”This television series has also played two actors with whom Kramholts already worked together. Judd Hirsch, he played on Broadway and with Peter MacNicol – in”Addams Family Values».

Kramholts dating actress Vanessa Brittingham, whom he met in June 2008.

David KrumholtzDavid Krumholtz
David KrumholtzDavid Krumholtz
David KrumholtzDavid Krumholtz

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