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Dana White – man!

On hearing that the president of the Ultimate Fighting Champioship is Dana White, many wonder, the largest organization in the world of mix-fight MMA run by a woman? Of course, talking about newcomers, experts fighting the UFC know perfectly well that Dana White (Dana White) – 100% man. It’s easy asserts is his wife, Anne, her husband gave birth to a daughter and two sons.

Dana, not Dana White was born in Connecticut, July 28, 1969. The family later moved to Nevada, where settled in Las Vegas. Then there was Texas, Maine, Massachusetts, where the White almost managed to finish college. During training Dana organized a boxing section for children from poor neighborhoods of Boston. However, the school had to give up – at White “ganged”local bandits and demanded $ 2,500 for the”roof”.

By 1992, Dana White received his trainer, aerobics and returned to Las Vegas. establishing Dana White Enterprise – a network of sports centers behalf of a loved one. I bet the next UFC president made first on boxing. As many as three of the gym were set aside for this kind of sport. Dana himself often trained fighters, and was the manager of a mix-fighters like Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell.

Unsportsmanlike conduct president UFC. But what about a healthy diet. Dana?!

In 2000, the founder of the company UFC “Semaphore Enterteyment Group” I put the show on the sale. White teamed up with his friend Lorenzo Fertitta and his brother Frank to buy Ultimate Fighting Champioship. Dana was appointed president and received 10%.

White took the organization in a rather miserable state. “Absolute Fighting Championship” at that time he had a reputation for slaughter, where the thugs beat each other without restrictions and rules. Permission to conduct the show did not want to give any one state in the United States.

No links this problem was not solved, but Lorenzo Fertitta once worked in the ” Nevada Athletic Committee & raquo ;. With the help of old acquaintances White managed to get the license for fights in Nevada, and then create a reality show The Ultimate Fighter on channel Spike TV.

Dana White is not accidental hides the forehead.

For a well-known writer Mike Tyson wrote it dirty word!

Almost 15 years Dana White besmenno manages promotion and organization fighting UFC. He has done a lot to promote MMA in the US and the world. White is seriously changed the rules and code of fighter, fights. Blows to the groin and head of a downed opponent withdrew from a mix-fight. and it ceased to be a “fights bespredelschik”.

Dana White is known and scandals. It is often argued with an American Japanese and Russian promoters, clashed with journalists. Thus, for example, are still members of the site Sherdog banned from fights UFC. True “bomb” It was the video where Dan scolds Loretta Hunt, a journalist and insulted gays. Before the representatives of sexual minorities White later apologized, but did not wait for an apology Loretta. It is also not in the UFC give the accreditation.

White knows how to laugh at their problems and the problems of their enemies

In 2009, Dana White, tired of the constant questions about Fedor Emelianenko, threw all the negative in an interview with radio personality Dave Carmichael. White said he did not think quite so steep Emelianenko fighter and quipped that the UFC everyone is afraid of Fedor, and that do not sign a contract with him. And in fact, ” they want too much Russian. Arena them build. With Red Bull contract to sign. I have a lot more famous guys in the ring, why do I Emelianenko? & Raquo;.

In October 2014 the White tweeted suddenly there was a record “Who said I can not sign Fedor;)”with hashtag #fedorisback. By recording accompanied by photographs depicting uniformed football guy with FEDOR inscription on the back. That is the word hashtag beaten back, which means a person’s back, and the verb”back” depending on the context. Such is the simple American humor.

In the tweet, and other social networks instagramme Dana White appears often. For example, all of its Asian tour, he regularly documented photographs and notes to the delight of fans of MMA. White lead and own video blog under the UFC channel on Youtube.

Dana White UFC 177 – Dillashaw vs Soto vlog

Opinion White very powerful in the world of MMA. The man for four consecutive years, from 2005 to 2009, became the “promoter, the”in wrestling. But it must be remembered, and that the president of UFC – is a showman and a businessman, for whom it is important to organize the most lucrative bout with minimal costs. Salaries of fighters White also carefully calculates, which often leads to conflict. In September this year, Nate Diaz UFC accused of cheating when signing the contract. Dana White immediately replied:” He did not become a champion, then won a couple of fights, but I must now pay him like Justin Bieber?! & Quot; (If you do not know who Justin Bieber, you’re a lucky man. By the MMA is the guy has nothing to do, and is an American version of Dima Bilan – approx. Ed.).

Among the fighters today Dana White allocates Anthony Pettisa. After a recent battle with the American Gilbert Mendes UFC president said: ” He can do some incredible things. As he ran through the wall! Repelled from the net and hit the enemy knees. I think he’s the best. Incredible athlete! & Raquo;.

The main intrigue (although pretty overexposed) UFS in 2014 began negotiations White and Gina Carano on its participation in the fighting. While Dana responds in the style of status in social networks “all hard”.

Interview with Dana Uyta for SBN on December 2, 2014

Find out about the latest adventures of 45-year-old president of the biggest MMA-organization is easiest via its official account on Twitter. Yesterday, for example, he commented on it, and UFC 181 fight between Hendrix and Lawler (7 December 2014).

To summarize, we can just say that in the life of a real man with a woman’s name is given all excellent. Together with his wife Ann, he is raising three children, appears regularly on the covers of men’s and sports magazines, intriguing and trolls fighters of mixed martial arts fights and spectators. As for the correct spelling of his name, he is a native Dana White and the correct translation in Russian is still Dana and Dana did not.

Dana WhiteDana White
Dana WhiteDana White
Dana WhiteDana White

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