Chuck Norris

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Chuck Norris

Carlos Ray Norris Jr.

The American actor and martial artist.

He was born March 10, 1940 in the small town of Ryan, Oklahoma.

Father Norris – mechanic, and the lover of pretty drink. Father Chuck was one hundred percent Irish, and my mother came from the Cherokee Indians. The most memorable impressions of childhood for boys were – poverty, homelessness, impoverished lives in a trailer with his mother and two younger brothers, and then her parents’ divorce and the new head of the family. Norris says that it’s stepfather, George Knight, and instilled in him an irresistible passion for the sport.

At age 17 he joined the military police, and when he reached draft age, civilian went to Korea. It was there, having become acquainted with the culture and religions of the East, Norris begins to enthusiastically engage in martial arts: karate, judo, taekwondo. Discharged from the Army and settled in Los Angeles, he opened a chain of karate schools, which, thanks to the professionalism of the teacher and his loud sports titles, have become very popular among the citizens, including many celebrities from the world of cinema.

And the Carlos (or Chuck as his friends call him) at that time achieved outstanding success in the sport, becoming a world champion in karate. Furthermore, this prestigious title he held for seven years and left the mat undefeated.

Knowing that the peak of sporting success behind Chuck Norris began to look for a new field of activity and. I found him in the movie. I helped him in this old friend and sparring partner – the famous actor Bruce Lee karate, Chuck invited to star in the movie “Return of the Dragon”(1973). The emergence Norris has not gone unnoticed, and the scene of the battle, which was attended by both athletes, and to this day is considered a classic”movie KarateĀ».

Norris dreamed of a movie, and the movie needs it. The fact that the movie Karate, with a light hand of Bruce Lee in this period used in the United States are increasingly popular, and after the premature death of Lee, in the genre like a vacuum, which was to fill Norris.

After talking with professional actors, Chuck realized how difficult it is acting; saw the acting – is not just a display of tricks, shock front of the camera that is much more complicated. Now he decided to study “an actor” in the real professionals. His teacher in acting class became Estelle Harmon. 34-year-old karate was the oldest student. Study period taught him a lot, he has become much more relaxed in front of the camera, I learn the proper diction.

In 1977, he returned to the movies, played a role in the blockbuster “The Destroyer” and soon became the star of the movie company Cannon Pictures. In the early 1990s, this company went bankrupt, but Chuck went on to star.

In 1993, the CBS invited him to play the role of Texas Ranger Walker.

It is enough to modestly appreciating his acting ability, Norris is well aware that much of the success of his paintings depends on how cleverly twisted intrigue and dynamic action. And where it is necessary to fight, shoot, catch – he has no equal.

Unfortunately, Norris, the actor had no luck with the directors. Invitations to appear, he usually received by those who have seen it all before a magnificent athlete, karate, holding his body perfectly capable of performing all the most difficult stunt without a stunt double, but no more. But when the actor was given more attention, and then there is an interesting result.

Chuck Norris became the creator of a large number of television shows, in addition, he publishes his journal, he wrote 7 books.

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Chuck NorrisChuck Norris
Chuck NorrisChuck Norris
Chuck NorrisChuck Norris

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