Christopher Hitchens

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Christopher Hitchens

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Born: April 13, 1949 in Portsmouth, England

Died: December 15, 2011 Houston, United States

Christopher Eric Hitchens (born. Christopher Eric Hitchens) – American journalist, essayist and writer of English origin.

Led personal columns in magazines such as: Vanity Fair, Slate, The Atlantic, World Affairs, The Nation and Free Inquiry.

The son of a naval officer; once I found the younger brother Peter Hitchens (British conservative journalist), his grandmother on his mother was a Jew of Polish origin, so Christopher and Peter Hitchens can be considered Jewish according to the halachic definition. Hitchens’s mother committed suicide in Athens in 1973.

He graduated from the University of Oxford. After moving to the United States in 1981, he began writing for The Nation, which fiercely criticized Ronald Reagan, George Bush and US foreign policy in South and Central America. In 1992, he became a columnist for Vanity Fair.

During his early career, Hitchens was a foreign correspondent in Cyprus. There, he met his first wife, with whom he had two children, Alexander and Sophia.

In 1989, he met his second wife Carol Blue, with whom he had shared a daughter.

Illness and death

In June 2010, Hitchens postponed tour in support of his book, Hitch-22, to undergo treatment for cancer of the esophagus. About his illness, he declared in an article for Vanity Fair, which he titled Topic of Cancer. Hitchens said that the long-term outlook is far from optimistic, and that he is very lucky if he will live another five years.

December 15, 2011 Christopher Hitchens died of pneumonia (a complication of esophageal cancer) in Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. In accordance with his will, his body was donated to medical research.


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Titles, awards and prizes

– In 1991, Christopher Hitchens got Lennanskuyu literary prize (Eng. Lannan Literary Award) in the field of non-fiction

– In 2005, he took fifth place in the ranking of 100 public intellectuals journals Prospect and Foreign Policy

– In 2009, Forbes magazine included Hitchens, one of the 25 most influential liberals US

– Honorary Member of the National secular society

film adaptation

He was known as a secular humanist, a convinced atheist and anti-clerical antiteist and critic of Islamism.

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