Christina Hendricks

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Christina Hendricks

Born: May 3, 1975, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

The new standard Hollywood beauty, is an American actress, known for roles Joan Halloway to show “Freaks” and Saffron to show & laquo ; Firefly “.

Christina Hendricks was born in the town of Knoxville, Tennessee. Acting career it began in childhood in musical theater Junior Musical Playhouse Company, where she participated in musicals “Grease” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” famous Andrew Lloyd Webber. In 1989, the Hendrix family moved to the city of Fairfax, Virginia, where Christine has been actively performing in school theater productions. Despite the bright appearance and outstanding artistic abilities, in those days, she was shy and unsure of herself.

Who knows what would have been the future life of Christina, but, fortunately, a friend persuaded her to take part in the photo contest of the magazine Seventeen.

– After seeing the photo, I cried – before that I just can not imagine that I could look so beautiful! I have not won the competition, but the photo session completely changed my view of themselves and their own prospects.

Inspired by filming for Seventeen, 19 years old Christina Hendricks moved to New York and began modeling career. Unlike many actresses who speak with contempt about the modeling business, Hendricks said that this work was for her valuable life experience.

– I never understood the former models, which draw in lips and say: “Oh, I’m sick of this work & raquo ;! One would like to ask:” What, really? You sick of what you’ve traveled all over the world, you will be shot on camera and paid for a lot of money? & Raquo; Personally, I work as a model very much. I enjoyed the trip, new impressions. In addition, this work has helped me to develop acting skills.

Since 1999, Christina Hendricks has been actively acting on television, first in the show Beggars and Choosers. Then – in the series The big time. “Court” and Kevin Hill. In 2002, she was invited to the space western “Firefly”. cult TV series TV channel Fox. received Award “Emmy” for outstanding special effects. In it she played the role of Saffron. adventuress who seduces men to rob them. In 2007, Christine starred in the highly otsenёnnom critically acclaimed independent film “La Cucina”. where she became a partner on the sets of famous actor Joaquim de Almeida.

Despite all this, the time Christina was virtually unknown to the general public. The situation changed dramatically when she was cast in the “madmen”. cult American drama about the life of an imaginary New York advertising agency 60s. In this hugely popular show Christina Hendricks played Joan Hellouey. office manager and part-time – beauty queen Agency, sexual “alpha female & raquo ;, that fascinates men and women drives the complexes. According to the authors of the original series Matthew Weiner character Christina Hendricks was supposed to appear only in a few episodes. But the magnetism and charisma of the actress changed his plans, and he rewrote the script, giving Joan Hellouey much more screen time. Now it – a truly iconic figure: thousands of fans, and a half million results in the search engine Google, sites with names like”What Would Joan Hellouey” with quotes and tips from the imaginary heroine, a group dedicated to her on Facebook & hellip;

– At work, Joan – leader. But she was not very happy in my personal life. She did not know what she wants from men she vulnerable, it simultaneously searches for love and is afraid of it. It’s a complex character with great character, so to play it – Dream for an actress.

One of the main features of the series – its stunningly well-seasoned style. According to the Christina Hendricks. outfits that she wears on set, greatly influenced her taste in clothes – she loved fitting perfectly fitted dress with darts, pencil skirt and other things, emphasizing the figure.

– By the way, the show we wear not only authentic clothing 60s, and lingerie. It is simply amazing! Closed bras with stones, hard, like a corset, but very comfortable. And these stockings that time, garter. I have bruises on them even stayed on his feet.

Playing Joan, Christina Hendricks lowers his voice a few tones to sound more mature and sexier.

The creator of the show, Matthew Weiner (“Sopranos”) long doubted whether the actress suitable for the role of Joan – originally represented the heroine a bit differently. Christina Hendricks took three auditions, to change his mind.

– People often tell me that, since they look ” Mad Men & raquo ;, in their life has become more sex. It’s awesome nice – to hear such things. I just love it! I think that our show is really very sexy, it has a fascinating, dangerous sexual energy.

Christina Hendricks rightfully be called a sex symbol of the new era, because of its sexuality is impressive not only men but also women. In 2010, Esquire magazine named her the sexiest woman in the world in a survey conducted among the female audience. Hendricks Measurements are significantly different from standard “90 – 60 – 90 & raquo ;, but the press and the audience, tired of the cult of thinness, delighted with its magnificent forms. Proof of this – more than 250 thousand queries of code words” Christina Hendricks breast & raquo ;. The actress does not understand why her bust attracted so much attention from journalists and ordinary citizens:

– I do not understand why people are so shocked by the fact that I have breasts. As if it were something special!

Recently, English politician Lynne Featherstone named Christina Hendricks perfect role model for women: in her opinion, young girls is much more useful to be Hendrix with her healthy figure and curvaceous than torture yourself with endless diets.

– “Freaks”completely changed my life. To be honest, sometimes I think that before the show, I was invisible. Sometimes the party people come up to me and say:”Oh, I so love your show, you can meet you, my name is so-and-so & raquo ;. And I tell them:”In fact, we are familiar – dinner together a couple of years ago”.

Now, after the success of “Mad Men & raquo ;, Christine really wants to play in a major role in any good movie. Dream Home – work with Tim Burton. Filmmaker ” Edward Scissorhands” , “Corpse Bride” and “Alice in Wonderland” . However, concrete plans for the future, the actress is not:

– I do not think I ever had a clear plan for how to build a life. And right now I do not have it. People often ask: ” And where you want to be in five years? & Raquo; I dont know. Did I think I’d be where now? Getting there was fun. Why acquire a GPS-navigator, when without it perfectly possible to travel through life?

Christina Hendricks is friends with actor Vincent Kartheiser, who is “madmen” He plays the role of Pete Kembpella. It was introduced by Christine Vincent with her future husband, actor Geoffrey Arend (“500 Days of Summer”).

  • Filmography:
  • Drive (2011) / Drive
  • Detachment (2011) / Detachment, role: Ms. Madison
  • The brilliant Superman (video) (2011) / All-Star Superman, the role: Lois Lane, voice
  • Life as We Know It (2010) / Life as We Know It, role: Alison Novack
  • Leonie (2010) The role: Catherine
  • Family Tree (2010) / Family Tree, The, role: Alicia
  • Scoring ‘Mad Men’ (Video) (2008), the role of: Joan Holloway
  • Life is like a death sentence (TV series) (2007-2009) / Life, a role: Olivia
  • Mad Men (TV series) (2007 & ndash ;, part 🙂 / Mad Men, role: Joan Harris
  • South of Pico (2007), the role: Angela
  • La cucina (2007), the role: Lily
  • Jake yesterday, today and tomorrow (TV series) (2005-2006) / Jake in Progress, role: Tanya
  • Kevin Hill (TV series) (2004-2005) / Kevin Hill, role: Nicolette Raye
  • Return of the Dead (TV series) (2003-2005) / Tru Calling, role: Alyssa
  • Cold Case (TV series) (2003-2010) / Cold Case, role: Esther ‘Legs’ Davis – 1945
  • Matchmaker (TV series) (2003-2005) / Miss Match, role: Sarah
  • Las Vegas (TV series) (2003-2008) / Las Vegas, a role: Connie
  • The Hunger (TV) (2003) / Hunger Point, role: Frannie Hunter
  • The success of the (TV) (2002) / Big Time, The, role: Audrey Drummond
  • Without a Trace (TV series) (2002-2009) / Without a Trace, role: Rachel Gibson
  • Clinic of San Francisco (TV series) (2002-2003) / Presidio Med, role: Claire
  • Firefly (TV series) (2002-2003) / Firefly, role: Saffron
  • Thieves (TV) (2001) / Thieves, role: Sunday
  • Sorority (TV) (1999), the role of: Fawn
  • Angel (TV series) (1999-2004) / Angel, role: Bar Maid
  • The Faculty (TV series) (1999-2002) / Undressed, role: Rhiannon
  • Beggars and Choosers (TV series) (1999-2001), the role of: Kelly Kramer
  • Ambulance (TV series) (1994-2009) / ER, the role: Joyce Westlake

Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks
Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks
Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks

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