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Biography Calvin Harris

The name of the Scottish DJ and composer Calvin Harris is always on the lips of admirers of his music. He has an impressive army of fans. They hang out not only on the dance floor, where no room to swing fall, but in the virtual world – where Calvin actively communicates with numerous groups of fans all over the world, sharing with them the news, exposes to view its new songs and videos.

Event-talented Harris moments much as his interests include not only the music industry but also in other areas of our lives. Incredibly, Calvin succeeds everywhere, surprising surrounding his capacity for work, talent and skill on any wave to be creative and purposeful personality!

artist’s real name – Adam Richard Wiles / Adam Richard Wiles.

Profession – DJ, musician, composer, producer and distributor of electronic musical material, and others.

Stage name – Calvin Harris / Calvin Harris (before it was Stouffer).

Birthday – 17 of January 1984 g of.

Location – Dumfries / Scotland.

The musical style – dance, pop music.

Music Group – “Calvin Harris” (is its frontman).

The first composition

Taking a great interest in electronic music, at first, Adam wrote her own songs at home. Originally used the pseudonym Stouffer. It was under this name in 2002, the label Prima Facie label gave the green light to two of his compositions: “Brighter Days” and “Da Bongos”. A year later, his song, performed together with Ayah Marar, sounded from the plate The Unabombers’ ‘Electric Soul 2’. Then the boy was 20 years old. His music and songs have found a ready response in the hearts of music lovers. So the world was represented by a rising star, which was to continue his rise with the stage name Calvin Harris.

Albums: success with the gold and platinum

The popular Scottish producer and performer of his own songs of their debut album “I Created Disco” published in 2007. It literally blew up the musical world and became the “gold.”Two singles from this disc -“Acceptable in the 80s”and”The Girls”, for a long time were in the top 10, they are popular even now. It then became a DJ and producer King titled electric field.

The second studio album – “Ready for the Weekend”. released on August 17, 2009 after a week was the first place in the UK Album Charts. The single “I’m Not Alone”became a leader of the British charts, and another single -“Ready for the Weekend”, closed the top three in the UK Singles Chart. Statements Harris in the UK, USA, France and the Netherlands were accompanied by animated by applause.

“18 Months” was the third. This album was released in 2012 and its circulation in the UK amounted to nearly 600 thousand copies. The eight tracks on the album did not leave the British top ten. Among the songs “I Need Your Love” with Ellie Goulding.

“Motion”. Harris’ fourth studio album, was released in late October 2014 on the famous label Columbia Records. Success was not long in coming. In the UK, “Motion” received gold status here in a short time it has been sold once 100 thousand. Copies.

Three singles album did not descend from the first line of the British charts. More than ten countries evaluated the single “Summer”. like platinum. In the album just wonderful tracks Gwen Stefani, Tinashe, Hurts and American pop-rock – group HAIM.

Other works Kelvin

Calvin was the author and producer of records of many famous artists, no exception Kylie Minogue and her album “X”, the British rapper Dizzee Rascal – “Dance Wiv Me”, and the American singer Rihanna – which in 2011 was recorded the single “We Found Love”.

Of the 15 clips, issued from 2010 to 2014, in the top 400 included 4. The highest score given track Drinking From the Bottle.

According to the prestigious magazine “Billboard”, top 20 songs of the past five years headed “We Found Love” -in a joint performance of Rihanna and Calvin.

The song Harris “Blame” long held second place in the rotation on radio stations in Russia and the CIS countries – “Weekly General Airplay Top Hit 100”.

Calvin broke the record for the King of Pop Michael Jackson number one singles from the album have been in the top 10 of the official UK chat.

Rich became the results of the end of the year, when Harris was pleased the music world’s fourth album and its operational support. Kelvin with Ummet Ozcan released a new video shot in their joint track “Overdrive (Part 2)”, the first version of which is on the list of tracks released in the fall of the album “Motion”.

Also in support of this album came out videos of “Outside”, “Burnin”and”Open Wide”. The first single – vocals Ellie Goulding, the second – in collaboration with the Dutch DJ R3hab, the third – with Big Sean, a popular hip-hop artists from America.

Calvin Harris received many nominations and awards, among them: BT Digital Music Awards, Q Awards, Shortlist Music Prize, The Music Producers Guild Awards, Popjustice 20 Music Prize, 2009 and 2010 BRIT Awards, Ivor Novello Awards, NME Awards, BBC Music Awards 2014.

At the ceremony, “American Music Awards 2014″Kelvin was named”best dance performer,”and received his first statuette. He also won in the category”Best Dance Artist”at the”MTV Europe Music Awards”.

Year 2015 First: plans, projects, ideas


This year for Kelvin, too, was no exception. Producer and DJ continues to promote his fourth album and please novelties. Out original video for the song “Pray to God” with the participation of nurses group HAIM (and with the involvement of animals), and another sister posted a teaser on your Instagram clip made with Kelvin. Also in the network has a new song called Harris “5 AM”.

Harris with John Newman (after a sensational hit “Blame”) will continue to work with Rihanna on her tracks. And the guys will take the next album by John. We recall that his first album, released under the name “Tribute” in 2013, led by the UK charts.

Kelvin is also waiting for a collaboration with American singer Tinashe on the soundtrack for “Hungry Games”.

In the near future we will be able to see Harris on television and movie screens. Calvin has to play in the “Entourage” – a new comedy drama – the continuation of a fairly successful series TV channel HBO. In 2011 came eighth last season. And now preparing to continue the project. It is known that the tape will tell you about the intriguing life of a fictional character – actor Vincent Chase. The presentation is scheduled for mid-summer 2016. The trailer for the film “Entourage” is already out.

FACE “Armani”

According to Harris, it has always attracted brand “Armani”. Sympathy was mutual. Famous designer Giorgio Armani felt the dynamic energy of the young artist and signed him. Photo sessions Kelvin always arouse interest. For this work the DJ is responsible, even asked a personal trainer to keep in shape. Having successfully passed the demonstration beautiful lingerie and advertising clothes new collection Spring / Summer – 2015 from the “Armani”.


The Scottish singer is still not married. His girlfriend singer Rita Ora – singer hit I Will Never Let You Down. Relations have not always stable. There are times when the couple were scattered, but time passes and lovers again seen together. That’s love at a distance sometimes gives a crack. After Rita may not always be close to Calvin. She recently did a photo shoot for the magazine “Cosmopolitan” and admitted to journalists that he respects people who are able to maintain long-distance relationship, but it is it turns out badly …

Chris HarrisChris Harris
Chris HarrisChris Harris
Chris HarrisChris Harris

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