Chavela Vargas

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Chavela Vargas


Chavela Vargas (Chavela Vargas – stage name, real name – Isabel Vargas Lizano) (born April 17, 1919) – the world-famous Mexican singer, performer of songs in the style of “rancheras” (Spanish. canción ranchera).

Born in Costa Rica, I was sick with polio as a child and almost blind. It was cured by Indian shamans. At age 14, he went to Mexico in search of the development of his career. Over the years, performed in bars and on the streets, at the age of 30 years he became a professional singer and leader of a musical direction.

famous throughout the world, performed in 1940-50 in the United States and Europe, was intimately familiar with the leading actors and musicians in Hollywood, some of which was intimate connection.

In 1961 recorded its first album (since released more than 80 different CDs). Behind its traditional stage persona he was nicknamed woman in red ponchos (La Mujer del Poncho Rojo). In the late 1960s, nearly two decades disappeared from the scene, lived in Mexico and drank bitter.

In 1990, he returned to work. He has traveled on tour throughout Europe and America, triumphantly performed in the best concert halls in the world: the Olympia (Paris, 1995), Carnegie Hall (New York, 2003), the Palace of Music (Barcelona, ​​1993, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004) Theatre Arts (Mexico City, 2001), and others. In 2001, for his creative work was awarded the highest award of the Royal Spanish (Gran Cruz de la Orden de Isabel la Católica). In 2002, the association of shamans in Latin America on the proposal Huichol shamans tribe Chavela Vargas awarded honorary shaman.

She starred and wrote the music for the films of the famous Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. She starred and sang two major musical themes of the film “Frida”, dedicated to the fate of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, which Vargas has close personal relations and in the house where she lived until the death of Frida. Filmed in the movies Scream of Stone German director Werner Herzog, La Soldadera Mexican director Jose Bolaños in the Mexican TV series Premier Orfeon.

On the life and fate of Chavela Vargas shot several documentaries.

Name Chavela Vargas is often associated with the development of the world ispanochzychnom women’s rights movement. The singer has always openly stated her sexual orientation that has repeatedly cause for scandals.

In 2002, in Spain published a book of memoirs Chavela Vargas Y si quieren saber de mi pasado (publisher Aguilar, Madrid), which became an instant best-seller list. CD, DVD and video with studio and live recordings of the singer published in millions of copies world’s largest recording studios (Warner Music, Sony Int’l, Orfeon Records, Atlantic, Tropical Music, Wea International, Sum Records Brasil et al.)

The city of Burgos (the ancient capital of the Spanish province of Castile and Leon) called Chavela Vargas named street.

Currently living in Costa Rica.


* Piensa en mí, 1991 * Boleros, 1991 * Sentimiento de México (vol. 1), 1995 * De México y del mundo, 1995 * Le canta a México, 1995 * Volver, volver, 1996 * Dos, 1996 * Grandes Momentos, 1996 * Colección de Oro, 1999 * Con la rondalla del amor de Saltillo, 2000 * Para perder la cabeza, 2000 * Las 15 grandes de Chavela Vargas, 2000 * Grandes éxitos, 2002 * Para toda la vida, 2002 * Discografía básica, 2002 * Antología, 2004 * Somos, 2004 * Macorina, 2004 * En Carnegie Hall, 2004 * La Llorona, 2004

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