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Charles Krauthammer: US not going to conquer the world like Alexander the Great

The author of the essay & amp; # 171; moment of unipolarity & amp; # 187; He defended the role the United States should play in Iraq

One of the most brilliant columnists & # 171; The Washington Post & # 187 ;, blew up in 1990, the whole world his essays & # 171; unipolar moment & # 187; (& # 171; El momento unipolar & # 187;), in this interview, defended the role the United States should play in Iraq, and denied that the world’s only superpower is going to extend its military campaign against Syria and Iran.

At the beginning of this interview, Charles Krauthammer (Charles Krauthammer) warns: & # 171; I agreed to answer your questions just because I feel a special sense of Chile. In your country, I have a friend – a human rights lawyer Jose Zalaquett (Jose Zalaquett) & # 187;.

The words of 53-year-old Krauthammer does not surprise. One of the most brilliant columnists & # 171; The Washington Post & # 187 ;, won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for the best comment, a very busy man. Not only did he carefully prepares his weekly article for this newspaper in Washington, each time causing debate, and has been studying the metamorphosis of US foreign policy. To do what he loves most, Krauthammer 28 years ago left a medical career and became a journalist. He became a specialist in the field of political science, edited speech performances Vice President Walter Mondale (Walter Mondale) and became involved in that thought & # 171; the most important in the world & # 187 ;. For instance, in 1990, he published an essay & # 171; unipolar moment & # 187 ;, which refers to the new role of the United States as the sole superpower, and pointed to the danger of these Iraq. The ongoing war in Iraq today, again forced him to turn his attention to the country. And conducts its own analysis of the situation, Krauthammer zealously defends the role of the United States.

Back in 1990 you said that Iraq is dangerous because of its ability to create weapons of mass destruction. What do you think now that the weapon has not been found?

– What we will find it. I did not doubt this.

The Allies failed to prevent widespread looting in Iraq, and, in addition, today is growing criticism of the appointment of a civilian ruler Jay Garner, the country because of its links with the Israeli conservatives. Do you believe that the United States made some mistakes?

– I do not know where there was talk about the relationship with Israel Garner. But is Israel – the State pariah? The United States is proud of the fact that they are supporters of Israel. In 2000, at Camp David, the Israelis offered the Palestinians a peace treaty is very generous, the answer to which was the war. And, besides, the Israelis never attacked Iraq. So, in my opinion, ordinary Iraqis will impartially apply to United States policy towards the Palestinians and their attitude towards retired General Jay Garner in will depend on whether they give it electricity and water or not. It seems funny, but somehow everyone is trying to & # 171; infect & # 187; the question of Iraq, mention of Israel.

How do you think the United States will be able to win the respect of the Iraqi people?

– I think it will be very easy. The Americans and show them, and the rest of the Arab world that we are guided by serious intentions, that we came to Iraq as liberators, not occupiers. We want to establish a decent society in the country, which will be ruled by law, freedom, pluralism of opinions, democracy, and the government will be elected. Those who now say that we went to war for oil, will realize how wrong they were. If we needed the oil, we would not have in 1991 to leave the oil fields in southern Iraq. We immediately will withdraw its troops from the country, because the United States does not want and do not need oil; our task – to put an end to terrorism. The answer to your question is simple: we will win the hearts of the people by showing them that we want to do exactly what we say.

But how are you going to successfully install democracy in Iraq when the country never knew her?

– There is an opinion that the Confucians – or Asians – can not live in a democracy. In Japan, there was no democracy until 1945. Perhaps the nature of the Arabs is something that makes it impossible for the existence of democracy in those countries. However, I do not know whether this assumption is true. Washington is ready to try to establish a democratic regime in Iraq the board.

To create a democratic society in Japan, the United States had to stay in the country for many years. But now Washington says that is not going to stay in the country longer than necessary. Even Garner has set a period of 90 days.

– As I recall, Garner did not say it & # 171; we will leave the country & # 187 ;, he just said he did not want to turn into an imperial dictator. These 90 days will be spent on something to give the country the most necessary: ​​open the roads, restore electricity and water supply. And how it will be possible to transfer power to the Iraqis themselves. After that, another year will be spent on the creation of a new constitution and prepare for elections. The most valid term of the ones that I had heard, two years for the full transfer of power to the Iraqis. We are not going to stay there.

But one thing – to leave the country, and quite another – to maintain a presence in the country through military bases, as is still happening in Japan. In your opinion, is the same future awaits Iraq?

– You may not know. Everything will depend on how the world will be in a year or two. I believe that the military bases in Japan – this is what suits the residents of this area. Every time comes to talk about the possibility of being closed, the population of the Pacific begins to worry about the proximity of China and the United States, because of their influence, they serve as a defender. The question of establishing and maintaining military bases in Iraq will depend on the willingness of the government of this country and how, according to the United States, they are necessary to preserve stability in the region.

Recover country alone

has already begun negotiations on the establishment of an interim Iraqi government, but the country has a lot of nations and warring clans. How will this problem be solved? – We expect a difficult path. And besides, we have too few criteria for the formation of the future government. One of these criteria, we must unite all those who stand for democracy and freedom. And the second – their hands were not to be stained with blood under the former regime of Saddam Hussein (Saddam Hussein). When we try to form a government that it included all segments of Iraqi society, in proportion to the number of representatives of this or that nationality. In this case, the interim government will be elected fairly and correctly.

US does not want UN intervention in the creation of the interim government. But while the United States insists that they can not be regarded as invaders. How, in that case, you will be able to avoid charges that the future interim government elected under your orders?

– I am sure that people will not say that. But the most important thing is that the next after him – elected by the people – the government did not become a puppet. Today, there is no opportunity to organize and hold the elections, and therefore the United States will have to appoint a government. There is no other way out.

France, Germany and Russia oppose such a decision. Do you see any way out of the transatlantic conflict?

– No. Moreover, this conflict is not soon resolved, because there is constant pressure from France. Paris saw an opportunity to create another center of influence, acting as an opponent of the United States in the international arena. Washington is well aware of and very serious about this.

But Will not the future reconstruction of Iraq under threat due to lack of financial support from these countries?

– On our side there are 18 European states, and considering the contributions of countries such as Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe and Japan, the funds will be more than you need. I do not think that funding for the future of Iraq countries such as France, Germany and Belgium, is so important. Another question that these countries could forgive Iraq debts of the past, in other words, money spent on weapons of mass destruction and the luxurious life of former rulers, while ordinary people starved to death. We can rebuild Iraq without the help of those countries.

In 1990, you said that the United States will not present an opponent for at least a decade. What can you say today, 13 years later?

– What is the difference in power between the United States and the rest of the world has become much more than when I wrote & # 171; unipolar moment & # 187 ;. Anyone who doubts this should be watching TV in the past three weeks. I am deeply convinced that everywhere – from North Korea to Paris and Damascus – people watching the events in Iraq are aware that the government in Washington is qualitatively different from the power of any other state on the planet. In the world there is no army that could stop the US. The United States will not be like Alexander the Great to conquer the world, but they make it clear that their military power has increased significantly compared to 1990.

Charles KrauthammerCharles Krauthammer
Charles KrauthammerCharles Krauthammer
Charles KrauthammerCharles Krauthammer

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