Catherine Tate

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The Catherine Tate Show / The Catherine Tate Show ✔

6 x 30 minutes.

BBC-Tiger Aspect, UK

Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate

From the creators of “Mr. Bean”. One woman – set of people & # 33; Queen of reincarnation, a worthy successor to the Benny Hill, Catherine Tate masterfully creates a parody of a number of easily recognizable characters from everyday life – from Hollywood star with a penchant for sexual outrageous to nervous housewife who faints whenever triggered her toaster.

This shows the British comic actress Catherine Tate, who is reincarnated in people of different character and appearance. Her characters – a woman, frightened of their own shadow, combat teenage girl, foul-mouthed old lady, and many others involved in a variety of funny situations.

Catherine Tate (Catherine Tate, née Ford)

Kathryn was born in Bloomsbury, London, United Kingdom May 12, 1968.

Her mother brought up, Josephine, and her grandmother (his father left the family early). Catherine studied in a Catholic school. As a child, she was a normal kid, except for long suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder (for example, she could not put his sweater anywhere, because then it would be, she thought something would happen to her mother – her name, too, began to “J”). Deciding to become an actress, Catherine entered the Central School of Speech and Drama.

She began her telekareru as well as all other actress in England – in small roles in the endless series Casualty and The Bill. She starred in the comedy programs (The Harry Hill Show, Big Train, Wild West and That Peter Kay Thing), having had time to try his hand at stand-up. After some time, she offered to make its transmission – Thus was born The Catherine Tate Show. Scripts for the show Catherine wrote itself supported by Derain Litten. Catherine in the program is reincarnated in her old grandmother, the eccentric gay man, then in some other incredible characters. The transfer was very popular and won several awards.

Catherine starred in the movies: the film “To get into the top ten,””Scenes of a sexual nature” and”Love and Other Disasters».

In 2006, Catherine appeared in the role of Donna in the Christmas edition of “Doctor Who”. Filming on the show she liked, but she was a bit disappointed that it was not invited to stay. Six months later she was asked to become the new companion of the Doctor, and she gladly accepted. Catherine’s childhood almost looked “Doctor Who”, so that on the set of her waiting for a lot of surprises – it is, for example, had no idea that inside the suit Sontarantsa a living actor.

Catherine now lives in London with his family – his partner Twig Clark and daughter Erin. Website: Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Catherine TateCatherine Tate
Catherine TateCatherine Tate
Catherine TateCatherine Tate

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