Cassandra Harris

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and Pierce Brosnan Cassandra Harris. They brought James Bond.

It has always been confident in him, knew that he has a great future in store and never stopped doing all of the power to help him. And tomorrow his Russian fans will have another reason to remember her kind words – in rolling out another film with his participation: long drop (2014).

He always felt that she – his fate.

They lived together for 10 years, Bole. And if not for her tragic death, it still would remain a couple.

Sandra Colleen Waits was born in December 1948 in Australia. In 12 years the girl decide his future – it must necessarily be associated with the art. And most likely, with the cast. That is why she was admitted to the National Institute of Dramatic Art. & # 160;

During his studies (or rather, in 1964) & # 160; Sandra met her first husband – William Firth. But the marriage did not last long. The exact date of the divorce is unknown, but by the time the second marriage – to 1970, – the girl was already free. Her second chosen (and father of her two children) was the brother of Irish actor Richard Harris, Dermot. Married Sandra lived with him for about eight years.

What was the reason for the divorce – is unknown. But after the life of a young woman there was a movie (up to him, she could afford to withdraw only a small series Space: 1999 ), new name – Cassandra, and It.

Piers Brendon was born May 16, 1953 in Ireland. He soon lost his father – who left the family when his son was only three, and grew up under the care of her grandmother because his mother had to work very hard to feed them. & # 160; In the life of a young man was quite the event that sooner understand that life – a difficult thing.

Once my grandmother’s death, his family, which moved from the custody of the mother’s constant touring, found nothing better than to send his nephew to school the Brothers of Christ, where corporal punishment was common practice.

At the age of 11, he and his mother settled in London, and by age 16 he became interested in photography so much that he started an apprenticeship in the studio. Then he took his acquaintance with another art form – cinema. He literally “sick” them. Namely – Agent 007 James Bond.

Actor’s party – a place where not only have a rest, give birth to useful contacts and used the opportunity to show off “in all its glory.” Sometimes these events are changing fate. So it was with them.

Pierce and Cassandra met at a party in the late 1970s. Cassie was one of the candidates for the role of James Bond girl (For Your Eyes Only (1981)), and Pierce was in a desperate search. He fell in love at first sight. Moreover – even then he realized that Cassie – the same only with which he wants to “live happily and die in one day”.

It does not bother having two kids at his chosen one. And December 27, 1980 couple wed. & # 160; But three years later they had a son, Sean.

They have lived in perfect harmony. Cassandra always said that Pierce – a real actor, and it is up to the latter insisted on his candidacy for the role of James Bond. She introduced her husband to the director. & # 160;

Their marriage could be called truly happy. It had everything – joy and difficulties, and great love. They lived in perfect harmony. Happily ever after. Only to die on the same day it was not fate: Cassandra died the very next day after their 11-year anniversary. Cause of death – cancer, ovarian cancer.

Later, Pierce admitted that Cassandra was his true friend, his true love, and life with her – an amazing adventure.

Cassandra HarrisCassandra Harris
Cassandra HarrisCassandra Harris
Cassandra HarrisCassandra Harris

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