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Cary Grant

The American actor, an Englishman by birth.

January 18, 1904 (Bristol, UK) – November 29, 1986 (Davenport, Iowa, USA).

Your real name – Archibald Alexander Leach (Leach).

After graduating in the school 14 years, he joined the troupe of acrobats boys serving in music halls. As a part of this company in 1920, he came to the US and stayed here. Initially, he worked in vaudeville, then moved to the stage, managing to get leading roles in operettas and musical comedies.

He said in the strongest Cockney and struggled to get rid of the accent of London baseman. Mingling with the language of the English upper class, a young man who aspired to master cockney gave an unexpected effect – he moved to the Australian dialect. Friends started to call it “kangaroos”and”a boomerang”.

An exotic accent would become his hallmark – it is perfectly in keeping with the noble, eccentric and a bit of a strange character. The time will come, and women will be thrilled by his lingering, is swallowed consonants voices coming from the screen.

In 1932, having left the scene, he went to Hollywood, which hit “through the back door”: was a partner at the audition in one of the actress and the producer liked. “Paramount Pictures”offered him a contract for five years, and along with a long list of names and surnames, of which he had chosen the most sonorous:”Cary Grant”. As part of a long-term contract he has starred in 25 of his 72 films, without luster, but feel confident in any genre, and only in 1936, making a duet with Katharine Hepburn in the movie “Sylvia Scarlett”(“Sylvia Scarlett”), it is, in the words of director George Cukor,”firmly on its feet.” His villain, swindler Cockney, won the viewer’s attention.

In the next five years has created a number of bright comic images – from romantic lovers and eccentric cranks up heroes frankly farcical plan (“Awful Truth”/”The Awful Truth”, “Only Angels Have Wings”/”Only Angels Have Wings”, “His Girl Friday”/”His Girl Friday”, “The Philadelphia Story”/”The Philadelphia Story”, “Suspicion”/”Suspicion”). His playing has an elegant casualness, ease the ability to uncover the potential of the comic and romantic roles.

Over the years, Grant has changed: the face was harder, his lips appeared severe fold, and in the hair – the first gray hair. Gone is the sweetness – now it was the face of a strong man, and it was good for his career. Together with the new image came to him a real success from now on his game left a feeling of complete certainty, limiting natural – Grant became one of the organic actors in Hollywood.

Profession never cheated on him: in the fifties thanks to Hitchcock Grant became one of the most famous American movie stars. The master of horror movies, viewers saw a genuine Grant: perfect looks, great charm – and behind this desire for destruction. Razdelyvaya with others, Hitchcock Grant destroying himself.

In subsequent films, (“infamous”/”Notorious”, 1946; “To Catch a Thief”/”To Catch a Thief”, 1955; “North by Northwest”/”North by Northwest”, 1959), Grant lacked lightness and credibility inherent in earlier works.

His last work was the role in the movie “Go, and do not run”/ & Quot; Walk, Don ‘ t Run” (1966).

There has never received “Oscar”for his role, Cary Grant was awarded the special prize”Oscar” for his contribution to cinema (1969).

In 1976 (he was seventy-three) Grant met that he was looking for all my life.

The quiet and friendly haired Barbara Harris lived in London and was younger than Cary Grant at the forty-six years. He courted her for a long time; In 1978, Barbara moved him to California, and in 1981 they married.

On the fifth Mrs. Cary Grant, he felt truly happy. The couple led a quiet measured life. Grant was getting old, but it has not turned into an old man: it continues to stare woman and wife jealous. He died the death, which may dream of any actor: ready for action in front of the fans, Carey felt a sudden weakness. Two hours later, he was hospitalized with a heart attack. Before you permanently close your eyes, vosmidesyatidvuhletny Grant smiled slightly – he coped with zakompleksovannym loser Archie Leach and finally get out of life what he wanted.

prizes and awards

Award “David di Donatello” (1960):

Best Foreign Actor (“North by Northwest”)

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Cary GrantCary Grant
Cary GrantCary Grant
Cary GrantCary Grant

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