Carol Burnett

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Carol Burnett.

Carol Creighton Burnett (Eng. Carol Creighton Burnett . b. April 26, 1933) – American actress, comedian and singer, best known for “Show Carol Burnett.”


Her acting career began in New York, where, after the success on Broadway, she has achieved popularity and television. Subsequent successful appearance in “Garrri Moore Show”prompted the actress to move to Los Angeles, where in 1967, the CBS started its own project -“Carol Burnett Show,”which aired the next 11 years. Shaw became three times winner of the”Emmy”, and she Burnett for his role in it twice honored with the “Golden Globe».

In addition, Carol Burnett had many other roles on television, including the series “All My Children”, “private detective Magnum,””Touched by an Angel” and”Desperate Housewives”and the telefilms”Fresno”(1986)”Four Heart”(1994). From her film works most perceptible steel roles in”Pete and Tillie”(1971),”The Front Page”(1974),”The Wedding”(1978),”The Seasons”(1981) and”Mad scaffolding” (1992).

In 2005, the actress was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the hands of George W. Bush. In addition, it is obadatelnitsey star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the location of which is determined on Hollywood Boulevard Hitchcockian thriller “Strangers on a Train”, filmed in 1951. While Carol Burnett worked as controller of tickets at the theater «Warner» on Hollywood Boulevard, which just went “Strangers on a Train.” Two people were late for a session, and Burnett, who have already seen the film, said that this wonderful picture must look from the very beginning. The result of this bold action was Burnett dismissal from the theater. A few years later, when, during the presentation of actress star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame she was asked where she would like to put it, Burnett chose a place directly in front of the theater «Warner».

In March 2007, the actress sued the company 20th Century Fox for the use of her image of “classic English maid”from”The Carol Burnett Show”in the animated series”Family Guy”(episode «Peterotica») without her consent. As compensation, the actress demanded $ 6 million. June 4, 2007 in the lawsuit Judge Dee Dean Pregersonom was denied. The decision indicated a reference to the First Amendment and the case”magazine”Hustler”against Feluella».

  • Golden Globe

1968 – “The Best Television Actress”(“Show Carol Burnett”) 1970 -“The Best Television Actress in a Musical / Comedy”(“Show Carol Burnett”) 1972 -“The Best Television Actress in a Musical / Comedy”(“Show Carol Burnett”) 1977 -“The Best Television Actress in a Musical / Comedy”(“Carol Burnett Show”) 1978 -“The Best Television Actress in a Musical / Comedy” (“Carol Burnett Show”)

  • Amy

1962 – “The best performer in a variety or music program”(“Shaw Garry Moore”) 1963 -“The best performer in a variety or music program”(“Julie and Carol at Carnaghi Hall”and”An Evening with Carol Burnett”) 1972 -“Best Variety Show”(“Show Carol Burnett”) 1974 -“Best Variety Show”(“Show Carol Burnett”) 1975 -“The best variety show or a music program”(“Show Carol Burnett”) 1997 -“The best invited Actress in a Comedy Series”(“estates on you”)

  • International Film Festival in San Sebastian

1978 – prize for the best actress (film “The Wedding”)


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Carol BurnettCarol Burnett
Carol BurnettCarol Burnett
Carol BurnettCarol Burnett

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