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Carlos Gardel – Biography

Carlos Gardel (App. Carlos Gardel ; December 11, 1887, or 1890 – June 24, 1935) – Argentine singer, songwriter and actor. According to many – the most significant figure in the history of tango. Although Europe is more famous Astor Piazzolla, the home of tango – Latin America – Gardel is still an idol for millions of Latin Americans. Although passed since his death a decade there is a saying: «El Zorzal canta cada día mejor» – «Creole thrush sings better every day».

The date of the birth of Carlos Gardel is considered to be December 11, 1890 This day is marked as International Day of Tango. Regarding the place of his birth, there are different versions: one was born at Toulouse, France, on the other, which insists mainly Uruguayans – in Tacuarembo (Uruguay) – the fans of the local football team hung out a flag with the inscription “Tacuarembo – a Gardel” on matches.

When he was two years old, his mother, Berta Gardel, emigrated to Argentina. Carlos began to sing since childhood, his first public performance took place in 1910 in a cafe O’Rondemann in Buenos Aires. In 1911 he began to perform a duet with José Razzano – an important stage in the work of Gardel. It was not yet the tango, they sang folk songs. One of the best songs of this period – Linda provincialita .

By 1914, Gardel was already a fairly well-known singer in Buenos Aires. In 1915, the first foreign tour of Gardel in Uruguay.

Perform Gardel tango began in 1917, and April 9, 1917 was recorded first tangos Gardel – Mi noche triste («My sad night”), composer Samuel Kastriot. For “My sad night”followed by others, who later became a famous tango, including”La La Cumparsita” Rodriguez (Carlos Gardel recorded it with other text – Si supieras … ).

In 1917, Gardel starred in his first (silent) film – Flor de Durazno . Altogether about 10 movies with his participation, from silent to sound, which sounded songs Gardel.

In the early 1920s, Carlos Gardel was already an international star. In 1923, the first European tour Gardel – in Spain. In 1925 and 1927 Gardel performed and recorded in Spain, in 1928-1929 – in France and Italy, in 1930 – again in France. In 1931-1932 another great tour – Barcelona Côte d’Azur, Italy, Paris, London, Berlin and Vienna.

In 1932 he began a collaboration with Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera – songwriter and writer of his last films.

6 November 1933 was written Madame Ivonne – the last entry, made in Buenos Aires, and 7 November 1933 Gardel went on tour in Europe and the US. Back in Buenos Aires he was alive did not come.

In 1934-1935 the Gardel starred in the studio Paramount . Cuesta abajo . Mi Buenos Aires querido . Tango en Broadway . musical Cazadores de estrellas , along with jazz and opera stars, including Bing Krozbi and Richard Tauber, El día que me quieras and Tango Bar . which sang his greatest tango.

In April 1935 started a long tour of Carlos Gardel Latin America – Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Mexico. June 24, 1935 during takeoff at the airport in Medellin Airlines plane Ford Trimotor SACO tail number F-31, which flew Gardel, crashed, faced with another in the same plane Colombian-German firm SCATDA.

The body Gardel committed a farewell tour of New York – Rio de Janeiro – Montevideo, where thousands of fans gave him inconsolable last tribute of respect and love. Gardel is buried in the cemetery of La Chacarita in Buenos Aires. On his tomb is always fresh flowers, and in the fingers of his monument lit cigarette.

Gardel could accompany himself, but usually played with three or four guitarists. Two of them – Barbieri and Riverol – and Alfredo Le Pera died with him.

Gardel was not married, the children had no, was the bride Isabel Martinez del Valle and a lot of other women.

In spite of the huge fees the money after Gardel almost gone – he spent all he earned. His passion was horses.

In 1935, the song was written by Por una cabeza for the film, shot in Hollywood. Translated “Only the head (the horse).”Cuantos desengaños, por una cabeza, – How many disappointments, and always two steps away from the finish … In the movie”Scent of a Woman”Al Pacino dancing tango with Gabrielle Anwar to the tune of Por una cabeza . These 3 minutes are one of the highlights of the film, they rehearsed for 2 months. In the movie”True Lies,” the same tango dancing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In 1935, in New York, in the film El día que me quieras in Gardel met Astor Piazzolla, who was then 13 years old. According to the memoirs Piazzolla, the accordion when he was playing poorly, and Gardel told him: “Boy, you play the accordion as a Galician.»

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Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel
Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel
Carlos GardelCarlos Gardel

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