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News & rarr; Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart flashed naked in winter tale

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart flashed naked in winter tale. Who would have thought. British actor Robert Pattinson (Robert Pattinson) carefully maintains its reputation as a sex symbol. And it turns out he has a good idea. Recently, the network has a new promotional pictures Dior with the participation of stars. And they look in the spirit of Christmas tales. Kristen Stewart also starred here, naked truth.

The night light white snowflakes, pretty girl and sexy young man with a weary look. Classical romance with a touch of French chic. And when you consider that the new pictures published on Christmas Eve, it turns a kind of a winter fairy tale. And Rob in the pictures looks like a real hero maiden dreams.

Let’s remind, the contract for advertising Dior Homme fragrance Pattinson signed last year. According to the tabloid, the famous actor will shine in the advertising campaigns of the French fashion house for three years, for which he received an impressive fee of $ 12 million. This is how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart flashed naked in winter tale.

The first commercial featuring Rob was presented in September.

Video has turned quite exciting as an actor appearing in various roles. What he posing in an elegant coat and sunglasses, then placed in a bath in a jacket and finally turns on the bed in the arms of model Camille Rowe (Camille Rowe).

Sam Pattinson said in an earlier interview with French Elle, which enthusiastically accepted the offer of the house Christian Dior play in a spicy roll. “I wanted something unusual … Something that would look like a complete mainstream.”In addition, Rob began to carefully monitor their appearance.”Before, I did not worried about how I look. Because it simply was sure that by the looks cool. But now carefully consider each output. What to wear, how … Sometimes it is so unnerving ».

The American glossy magazines and tabloids are full of reports that the star of the vampire saga “Twilight” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together again.

When this some even say that the idol of hundreds of thousands of women in the world in the near future plans to tie the knot with his beloved. However, the media also reported that Pattison is forced to keep their relationship a secret with her friend. After all, the family of the actor aggressively disposed towards Stewart. The reason for such a radical rejection is a betrayal of Kristen with director Rupert Sanders.

Coglasno data obtained from a source close to the actor, Pattinson leads a double life and literally torn between Kristen and her family.

It is known that on Thanksgiving Day, the actor had to fly to London and close to the family, but Stewart insisted that he stayed with her. Pattison How to get out of a sticky situation, the source does not mention. But one thing is clear: he had a hard time. After all, the family refused to be with them in a big celebration ugly, as things stand with his beloved, and take her with him unthinkable. After all, if the actor simply change Kristen, his sister Lizzy and Victoria are not going to put up and tolerate the presence of the traitor. The family Pattison assured that Stewart simply manipulated and are shocked and horrified by the fact that Robert was unable to part with it.

Kristen Stewart called the golden girl of Hollywood. Career as an actress, she began when she was only eight, and in 2002, after starring in the thriller “Panic Room” to the twelve Kristen came the first fame.

After a series of paintings, which are often drawn the attention of critics, rather than spectators, Miss Stewart pulled the lucky ticket – the role of Bella Swan in the vampire lover “Twilight Saga” (2007-2011) based on works by Stephenie Meyer.

World fame has affected not only the fees and the demand for a rising star in the new film projects, but also on her style. In place of the adolescent boyish things: shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and worn kedam – came to haute couture dresses, and fashion house Balenciaga Kristen Stewart chose her face. In addition, in 2012 the British Glamour magazine gave the young actress first place in the annual ranking of the most stylish stars, “sliding the” Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, Beyonce and other fashionistas.

Kristen – the owner of the exterior of this “English rose” – white skin, clear blue eyes and long hair. However, precisely because of this appearance, or rather, because of the supposedly unsuitable for her images of fashion critics often condemn the actress. In fairness it should be noted that in recent years the style evolved actress for the better.

Kristen did not name the victim of glamor, it miraculously get on rock hooligan, lady, romantic lady and a neighbor girl. In an interview with the premiere of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman,”actress admitted that she was indifferent to the opinions of others about her wardrobe, make-up or hair:”I was a kid and dressed in the clothes of his brother. I was a tomboy, and in no way wanted to be like peers. They tease me then, and ridiculed now, but I was never really cared. I do not want to deceive the people by creating the myth of perfect beauty, which will never be ».

In early December it was announced that Kristen Stewart will be the face of the campaign Metiers d’Art Paris-Dallas from Chanel, which launched in 2014. The fact that the brand has chosen as “person” is Stewart says that the actress is almost officially recognized style icon. We propose to follow the evolution of the image of Kristen from the natural to the teenager vamp makeup Smoky Aes. This is how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart flashed naked in winter tale.

Forbes: «The most profitable actors of 2013″ by the magazine «Forbes»

In Hollywood, men nearly always earn more than women, particularly on the big screen. The only time when revenues actresses above is when you gather them together to learn which of the stars will offer the best return on investment studio.

Hollywood pays its most famous stars of millions of dollars per movie. Some of them are still worth the money. We used the data collected through our research “Celebrity 100” and the box office «Mojo», to calculate how much, on average, each star earned three of his last film, considering the box office and DVD-sale, one dollar.

#3. Jennifer Lawrence

Brings $ 68.60 for every $ 1 invested

Lawrence received an advance of nearly $ 1 million for his first film of the saga of “The Hunger Games.” Now it is much higher fees.

#8. Kristen Stewart

Brings $ 25 for every $ 1 invested

Thanks to the Twilight films, Stewart offers one of the best results in its return on investment of $ 1. She is likely to get a little less income for non-Twilight movies.

#9. Robert Pattinson

Brings $ 23.50 for every $ 1 invested

«Twilight” became a good start for the young actor. Now he must show he can play outside this franchise.

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