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Camilla Parker Bowles (Camilla Parker-Bowles): Biography of the Duchess of Cornwall

Who is Camilla Parker Bowles? This question probably many answers as: ” mistress of Prince Charles, who became his wife after the death of Princess Diana & raquo ;. About the life of this extraordinary woman known not so much. Let’s try to fill this gap and find out some interesting details of her biography.

Childhood Camilla

Our heroine was born July 17, 1947 in London. The family of Major Bruce Middleton Hope Shand and Rosalind Shand Maud, a descendant of the illustrious noble family. It was the first child. Camille Parents often invited to Buckingham Palace in the various celebrations. Despite the fact that high-profile titles, they did not have, they had a dream to grow out of their children, whose family had three of these aristocrats. To this end, for the education of her eldest daughter, they constantly invited nurses and governesses, who sought to instill good manners girl. But then Camilla little interest in high society entertainment. All this she preferred to ride horses and play with the boys. Not surprisingly, this “tomboy”quickly took over his new friends at their manners: foul language, spitting far, and so on. From a small Shand I did not get a real lady. Parents, seeing this, decided to send their daughter to a boarding school Dambrellz, who was known for his iron discipline. After him, Camilla came back in one educational institution – school in Queens Gates, which was famous for the fact that women cook for the British aristocracy. But the miracle did not happen. After three years of study Camilla appeared in his parents’ home, showing complete disregard for good manners. It was the same” & raquo ;, tomboy only thin and stretched out by 7 cm.

The meeting with Andrew Parker Bowles

In the circle of her friends Camilla stood looseness and good sense of humor that was so unusual for London ladies. Past this extraordinary girl could not go and handsome heartthrob Andrew Parker Bowles. He was an officer of the royal cavalry. He was always surrounded by young coquette. But he turned his attention on Miss Shand. Their romance was rather boring. Andrew has been well received in the house of the parents of Camille. Everyone expected him marriage proposals. But the officer was not in a hurry. And, going to another military campaign, the bride promised to come back soon. ” You do not have to rush, we leave & raquo ;, – said the proud Camilla. Parker Bowles did not argue and left the house of the bride failed. As it seemed, forever.

romance with Prince

Soon Camilla met him. On the lawn of Windsor Great Park, Prince Charles an hour fiddling with his favorite pony. Camilla asked him about if not a bit small for him this ” horse & raquo ;. Mocking tone girl and her laughing eyes, he remembered a long time. From the moment the young men were inseparable. The Prince of Wales, as he later claimed, then fell in love at first sight. Now, at all events – whether it’s horse racing, parties or receptions – they appeared together. Balance lovers spent the Christmas holidays at the family estate of his uncle Charles, who left them with a huge house. Only the bedrooms there were seven. Food and champagne at the couple there were so many, that would be enough until the next Christmas. There the Prince of Wales for the first time admitted the whole beloved in love and asked his wife to be her.

objectionable Bride

When Charles crowned family learned of his courtship, they were totally confused. The inhabitants of Buckingham Palace were aware that Camilla can not enter into the royal family. She definitely liked it. But no more. Why Miss Shand can not be accepted into their circle? Well, at least, because the girl has a reputation for easily accessible person. The Royal Family – is the standard of purity, piety and stiffness. By unwritten code of British monarchs groom future king may be just a girl from a good family, and always a virgin. Camilla it was not.

Wedding Andrew Parker Bowles

In winter 1973, Prince Charles went to the military campaign in the long eight months. He did not dare to officially make an offer to his beloved. The relatives pressed him, and Charles was forced to surrender. When the Prince of Wales returned to a local newspaper he read about the engagement of the former bride with Andrew Parker Bowles. He felt confused. Charles decides to continue the relationship with the former Miss Shand. Lovers meet, and despite the fact that Camilla is now already a married woman. Andrew found himself a progressive person, stating “open relationship” married. Soon, the family of an officer of the Royal Army first child was born, who was named Thomas. It seemed that it should put an end to the relationship of lovers. What makes Camilla Parker Bowles? News United Kingdom screaming that this extraordinary woman called godfathers son in her lover. Thus the future king on a family friend became the second pope to Thomas.

The choice of a bride for Prince

The heir to the throne, continued to meet with his beloved Camilla. And this despite the fact that she was married and her family grew up the baby. Moreover, the woman was pregnant for the second time. Who is the father of the child? Perhaps the Prince of Wales. The lovers spent a lot of time together. While Andrew Parker Bowles preferred entertained somewhere on the side. It could not last long. Residents of Buckingham Palace understood that an urgent need to marry the prince. The bride he found a girl called Diana Spencer. She was younger than Charles for 12 years and came from a noble but poor family. The girl was brilliantly educated. She predicted a great career. But after the death of his parents had a hard time Diana. In London, she had to work and nanny and a cook and teacher. Her meeting with the prince took in 1977. Camilla Parker Bowles contributed to this. I must say that the mistress of the Prince took the side of the royal court, deciding to start a family to help Charles. Diana was an excellent candidate for the role of the wife of the future king. Firstly, from a good family, and secondly, a virgin. Everything went as well as possible.

The wedding of Charles and Diana

The newspapers published information about a new novel, crowned heir. July 29, 1981 the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer. Mistress Charles had personally removed from the list of those invited to the wedding ceremony of his bride. Therefore, behold, her favorite marries another poor Mrs. Parker Bowles could only on TV. The wedding of Prince called the ” fabulous & raquo ;. The British wanted to believe that the future Queen will bring into their lives a lot of light and joy. No one then could not have imagined that this story will end the terrible tragedy. In the meantime, the Crown Prince and his fiancee radiantly smiled and waved in greeting from the carriage road to his subjects. By this time Charles and Camilla parted, promising to no longer met.

Together Again

But on the fifth day after the wedding, the prince called his former mistress to express all he thinks about his young wife. He called her “monstrous”and”insensible as marble & raquo ;. Honeymoon for both of them was torture. In public, the husband and wife try to be considerate and affectionate to each other. Soon the royal family first child was born, who was named William. Camilla and Charles continued to meet, but as friends. The former became mistress to the Prince” vest & raquo ;. That he told her all that there is in his heart. Soon after his marriage to Diana cracked. It is difficult to say who is crowned the couple broke the oath of allegiance. Charles renewed love affair with Camilla.

The wedding of Charles and Camilla

After the death of Princess Diana’s lover Charles decides to put an end to this vicious bond forever. Camilla Parker Bowles in his youth was a more decisive. But the years take their toll. She was fifty. And the prince after the death of the wife decided that now collapsed last obstacle to his reunion with his beloved. Camilla and could not say a word to him harvested farewell speech. And Charles was willing to do anything to make it there. But how to reconcile the British public with their relationship? Death of Diana adored by the people add even more hostility to the union of the two lovers. Throughout the last time the Prince of Wales diligently and carefully introduced in the light of his girlfriend. Valentine photographed together. Newspapers screamed excitedly about their long relationship. In 1999, the official familiar with the children of Prince Camille – William and Harry. In the same year, the lovers with their children went to the first joint cruise in the Mediterranean. In 2000, the Prince and Camilla’s relationship recognized the Queen Mother. After 2 years, after that Mrs. Parker Bowles came to the concert at Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth II. In February 2005, the marriage ceremony of Prince of Wales and Camilla. After the wedding, the former mistress of Charles became known not only as a ” Her Majesty & raquo ;. The longest novel in the history of the British royal family ended the marriage.

Happy mother and grandmother

This year, Camilla Parker Bowles, now referred to as Camilla Rosemary Mountbatten-Windsor, is celebrating its 68th anniversary. Her free time is occupied grandchildren, whom she had five. Her son Thomas had two children: a daughter, Lola and son Freddie. And their three daughters Laura Elsa and the twins Louis and Gus.

Many years have passed since Charles and Camilla met. They went through a lot together. But, in spite of everything, they have managed to preserve their deep sense. It turned out that love can conquer all. It is stronger than any troubles, royal laws, negative public opinion. Happiness – it is to be near their favorite or favorite every day and be happy with simple things.

Camilla Parker BowlesCamilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker BowlesCamilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker BowlesCamilla Parker Bowles

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