Camila Bordonaba

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Camila Bordonaba personal life

Parents Bordonaba supported Camila daughter, when they learned that she wants to become an actress. Life Camila Bordonaba has always been associated with creativity. She devoted a lot of time singing, dancing, gymnastics and swimming. Eleven Camila whole year trying to get on TV and in the theater, participating in competitions, but all the time is refused, so she was immensely happy, having received an invitation directly to a major role in the children’s series “The kidsĀ».

In the photo Kamila with Benjamin Rohesom

Participation in the series was the first step to popularity, and a real breakthrough for the young actress was the role of the youth series “rebellious spirit,”who, after release on television screens was a huge success, not only in Argentina but also in other Latin American countries, as Israel, Russia and Ukraine. Camila Bordonaba have made new friends, with whom she starred in the film, as well as to create a musical group of the same name, which had a resounding success in Argentina. The”rebellious spirit” Kamil played the heroine, which embodied the best qualities of the actress – a sense of justice, sincerity, courage. Together with his friends on the set she played in another TV series, which have been preserved their names and relationships.

In the photo Camila Bordonaba and Chochi

Together with the work of privacy Camila he entered Bordonaba who plays her boyfriend in the film Benjamin Rohes. With him she met at work in the “kids.” Love moved from the screen and in real life, as so often happens with actors. All the years of filming the young men, they were together, then parted. After all, he grew up, Camila and Benjamin began to understand each other and decided not to leave. But this relationship did not last too long. Camila fell in love with a guy much older than her. Chochi – stagehand service music group Erreway, which involved the actress. They hid their long relationship, for Chochi divorced, he has a four-year daughter and many ambiguous attitude to their romance. However, Kamil loved his chosen, and her family, according to the girl, too, loved him. But these relationships are not turned into family and after Chochi Camila started dating Felipe Colombo, however, say that they are just friends.

In the photo Camila and Felipe Colombo

matured actress began to narrow the scope of the profession, and she decided to study television and film directing, and later plans to master the subtleties of the design. In addition, Camila is the author of several of its own projects. In his personal life Camila Bordonaba also changed. She moved out from her parents and began an independent life, but due to his parents and brothers did not lose.

Camila BordonabaCamila Bordonaba
Camila BordonabaCamila Bordonaba
Camila BordonabaCamila Bordonaba

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