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Brandi Glanville on Howard Stern: 9 Most Shocking Revelations, Including Her Housewives Salary and Who She Called a ”C–t”

She Plans on Coming Back to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Just Not as a Full-fledged Housewife. “I’m only going to come back this season a little bit,”she reveals, adding that”last year was a really tough year”because of the show and its editing.”When it aired, I felt like ‘oh my god, they did me no favors in the editing room’ And I got really upset and a little depressed.'”

She Was Ashamed of Her Behavior Last Season: “I didn’t want to do the show again…I was doing things to my own detriment that I couldn’t explain,'”she says. Like what?”Like throwing wine in someone’s face and I’m not sure why. And I slapped [Lisa] Vanderpump and I really don’t know why.”

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She Insists She Was Not Fired From the Show: “I talked to producers, I really didn’t want to come back, I had other offers to do other things…I wasn’t fired from the Housewives it didn’t make sense for me to come back full time,”she says (E! News previously reported that it was Bravo’s decision not to have Brandi return). As for Lisa and Kyle Richards claims that she was indeed fired?”They don’t know. They have no idea. But here’s what sucks and this is why they’re c–ts…because they’re saying I got fired, I’m in the process of moving and trying to rent a house for my two children—no one will rent to me because they don’t think I have a job.”

She Made Very Little Money During Her First Season on RHOBH : “My first year I was a friend of, so I think I made $16,000,”she says, before confirming that she made $136,000 for the second season.”I was making more money. And it would have bumped up to a lot more money if I came back this year,”she says, revealing she was offered half a million dollars. As for what she believes co-star Kyle makes?”Maybe a million, I don’t know.”

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Her Comments About Joanna Krupa Were an Act of “Retaliation.” “Well she called in and said ‘I see why your husband left you’ and that’s my Achilles heel. Like, ‘F–k you’ and I just, it comes out. It was a retaliation. As for how much the suit has cost her? “Right now, $54,000,”she admits before calling lawsuits”the rich way to bully.”

She’s Never Recorded a Sex Tape. Asked whether she’s ever “videotaped her sex privately,”she replied,”No but I’ve wondering if some of the guys I date have cameras in their rooms.”

Her Dating Life Went Downhill After She Joined RHOBH . “I definitely am a handful. My dating life started to suck when I went on reality TV because nobody wants to date the crazy chick on TV,” she admits

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She’s Not Sure If Andy Cohen Likes Her: “I sometimes wonder if he does,”she confesses.”Because everyone thinks we’re really close but we’re really not…I can’t kiss ass. It’s not in my makeup, and every other Housewife, they all kiss his ass.”

She Would Even Tell Oprah to F–k Off: “I have no bulls–t meter. I don’t care if you’re Oprah, if I’m pissed at you, I will tell you to f–k off.”

Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville
Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville
Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville

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