Boyd Coddington

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Boyd Coddington

A well-known person in the United States. He was the owner of «Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Shop», the founder of the notorious hot rods (old cars with naimoschneyshimi motors and other changes stuffing).

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Leon Boyd Coddington was born on 28 August 1944 in the state of Idaho. Passion for cars he had the blood – the age of eight he became the owner of his first car. At thirteen Boyd personally brought the present car.

At the time, Boyd graduated from the University of Idaho State University, and after – during the three years studied auto mechanics.

In 1975, the year he moved to Califon Coddington and there – during the day – working at Disneyland. At night, Boyd translate into reality the dream of its own. His first store – «Hot Rods by Boyd» – was born in 1977, the year.

Over time, Boyd Leon Coddington (Boyd Coddington) began to create unique cars for superstars. This success came when customers began Coddington people like, for example, the famous musician Paul David Newson (known as Bono).

In 1988, Boyd created a company Boyd’s Wheels, Inc. which was engaged in the implementation of the unique wheels, innovatively designed. At all times, Coddington was a talented designer and knew a great success. People yearned for cars of bygone times – he wanted to classics, established in accordance with the requirements of modern times.

Boyd was a great esthete. His projects have always attracted attention. At the beginning of

two thousandth’s creator interested in the activities of tax authorities. As a result, long-term vicissitudes Coddington felt significant financial and other problems. In April of 2005, Boyd pleaded guilty to committing misdeminora (crime in the United States, which is considered not very grave).

In January 2008, the Boyd Leon Coddington (Boyd Coddington) was hospitalized. He underwent surgery, which, according to doctors, was to bring the famous creator of the hot rod, recovery. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Coddington died on February 27 of 2008. He died from complications that arose as a result of long-term illness – diabetes.

Currently, Boyd Leon Coddington (Boyd Coddington). It is still considered the master, a legendary figure in the world of the American hot rod.

Boyd Coddington died on 27 February 2008 in consequence of complications after surgery.

Boyd CoddingtonBoyd Coddington
Boyd CoddingtonBoyd Coddington
Boyd CoddingtonBoyd Coddington

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