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The most beautiful Mexican actress (Top 26)

I present to you Top 26 beautiful Mexican actress, who became famous and loved of the series, are widely represented on our screens. Many Russian audience really liked the Mexican soap operas, there favorite stars were created numerous fan clubs and forums on the Internet.

This is represented by the top my personal view on the beauty of the Mexican actresses. My choice was based on external data and fotogienichnosti. Talent has not been important.

26. Sandra Echeveria / Sandra Echeverría – sort of. December 11, 1984. in Mexico City, the actress and singer; series “With the breeze”, “You’ll be bored”, “Marina».

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25. Marlene Favela / Marlene Favela – sort of. August 5, 1976 g in Durango, Mexico; actress, tv series “Between Love and Hate”, “wild cat”, “Bridal Veil”, “Ruby”, “Love without makeup».

24. Angélica Rivera / Angelica Rivera b. August 12, 1970. in Mexico City, the actress and singer; series – “Simply Maria”, “Mistress”, “Angel”, “Cleaning the love».

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23. Elizabeth Gutierrez / Elizabeth Gutierrez – sort of. April 1, 1979 in Los Angeles, USA; series: “never forget you”, “buy love”, “Face anal”, “Wild heart».

22. Itati Cantoral / Itati Cantoral – sort of. May 13, 1975 in Mexico City, Mexican paternal series “Girly”, “You and I,””Mary of the suburbs”,”Health, money and love”, “without sin,””Wounded Soul”,”Widow Blanco “.

20Cantoral.jpg “/%

21. Ninel Conde / Ninel Conde – b. September 29, 1970, actress, model and singer-nominated Latin Grammy Award; series “Revenge”, “Like in the movies,””rebels,” the American TV series”not born beautiful».

20. Anette Michel / Anette Michel b. June 30, 1971 in Guadalajara (Mexico); TV series “north of the Heart”, “wave”, “When you’re my,” “The Other Side of the Sun».

19. Jacqueline Bracamontes / Jacqueline Bracamontes – rod.23 December 1979 in Guadalajara (Mexico), Miss Mexico 2000, represented her country at the Miss Universe contest in 2001; series – “Ruby”, “La Fea Más Bella”, “Wounds of Love”, “silly not go to heaven».

20Bracamontes.jpg “/%

18. Lucia Mendez / Lu cia Mendez – January 26, 1955 in the Mexican state of Guanajuato Leon. In Mexico, it is called “Senora Temptation”, “Queen of telenovelas”, “Diva latest Mexican television.”TV Shows:”No one but you,””El Mariel”,”Three Lives of Sofia”, “Woman with character».

17. Mary Grade / Maria Sorte – b. May 11, 1955 in Mexico City, the actress and singer, tv series “My second mother”, “privilege to love”, “My fate – it’s you,” “Between love and hate».

20Sorte.jpg “/%

16. Aracely Arámbula / Aracely Arámbula – sort of. March 6th, 1975 in Chihuahua (northern Mexico), actress, model and singer; series, “Rebel Soul”, “Hold me very hard,” “Roads of Love».

15. Susana Gonzalez / Susana Gonzalez – sort of. October 2nd, 1973 Calera, Zacatecas (Mexico); TV series “Maria Isabel””Rosalinda,” Passion”.

14 . Victoria Ruffo / Victoria Ruffo – sort of. May 31, 1962 GV Mexico City, is one of the highest paid actresses of companies “Televisa”and”Telemundo”; series: “Victoria”, “Simply Maria,””Stepmom,””Triumph of Love».

13. Maite Perroni / Maite Perroni – sort of. March 9, 1983 g in Mexico City, her father – an Italian TV series “Rebels,””Family,””Beware of the angel”, “My sin,” “Triumph of Love”.

12. Wendy Gonzalez / Wendy González – born. August 17, 1985 in Monterrey (Mexico), actress, TV presenter; series: “My Love”, “The Rose of Guadalupe,”charm”,” When I love ».

11. Silvia Navarro / Silvia Navarro – b. September 14, 1978 in Mexico City; series – “Perla”, “Catalina and Sebastian””Bride Street”,”Coffee with the scent of a woman”.

10. Waist / Thalía – b. August 26, 1971 in Mexico City, an actress and a popular pop singer, tv series, “Rosalind”, “Maria Mercedes».

9. Patricia Manterola / Patricia Manterola – sort of. April 23, 1972 in Mexico City, actress, model, singer, host and designer series “Acapulco, body and soul”, “Good people,””City of Lost Souls,””Bet on Love”, “La Fea Más Bella”, “The perfect game”.

8. Paola Nunez / Paola Nunez b. April 8, 1978 in Tijuana, Mexico; series – “The Bodyguard,””Life Goes On”,”Iago – Dark passion”, “desire».

7. Elizabeth Cervantes / Elizabeth Cervantes – sort of. 1 August 19 ** in Mexico series: “More than anything in the world,”Living Without You”,”Love and treachery,””Wounded Soul”,”Gypsies,””Doubt”,”Marina”.

6. Vanessa Villela / Vanessa Villela – rod.28 January 1978 in Mexico City, the actress and singer; series: “Beloved Enemy”, “Goddess of Love”, “Spellbound Love”, “Not Born Beautiful”, “new love”, “Real miracles”.

20Villela.jpg “/%

5. Blanca Soto / Blanca Soto – sort of. January 5, 1979 Monterrey, Mexico; series – “White Life”, “Divine Providence,””Dreams Come True”,”Eva Luna».

4. Lucero / Lusero – sort of. August 29, 1969 in Mexico City, Mr., actress, singer, composer and TV presenter; series – “My fate – are you”, “bond of love”, “I – your mistress,””Tomorrow is Forever”,”Dawn».

20la.jpg “/%

2. Adriana Fonseca / -Adriana Fonseca – b. On March 16 1979 g of. in Veracruz (Mexico); series – “impostor””Rosalinda,””Night Mariana”, “Against the destiny”, “I want to be with you».

1. Barbara Mori / Barbara Mori – sort of. 2 February 1978 GV Montevideo (Uruguay), mother – Mexican, after his parents divorced and his mother moved to Mexico at age 3-yoh years; series – “I am dying of love”, “Inspiration”, “women’s views,””Shameless Love”,”Ruby”, starred in the Indian film in 2009. “Kites” («Kites»).

Blanca SotoBlanca Soto
Blanca SotoBlanca Soto
Blanca SotoBlanca Soto

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