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Anna Wintour

Read the biography of the chief editor of the American magazine Vogue

Anna Wintour – in the fashion world this fragile woman with the same strict bob and sunglasses has unquestioned authority and great influence. She is obsessed with the search for new talent, and many young stars, from Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders finishing and Kate Bosworth, lit, thanks to its weighty word expert. But the main feature of Anna is her relentless perfectionism, and because those who are well known to her nickname ” Nuclear Winter & raquo ;, it does not seem fun

1949 Anna was born in London into a family of social activist and editor of the newspaper The Evening Standard.

1959 Father, to which the girl was very fond, increasingly sees in her daughter’s own character traits, hard and strong-willed. He pushes a decade Anna to the choice of profession, advising write in the school questionnaire that in the future she wants to become the editor of Vogue.

1964 The interest in fashion, provoked by a child, is growing significantly, but energetic Anna wants as quickly as possible to find a practical use of his abilities and knowledge. As a 15-year-old girl she arranged by the seller in the famous shop BIBA, where one of the main precepts of the staff has instructions never to offer assistance to customers.

1966 was supposed to continue education after high school to college, but the 16-year-old Anna defends the right to dispose of their own destiny. Continued his studies at North London Collegiate School, she pursued asceticism at journalism. Her experience is very successful father enjoys tips and advice daughter to reform some of the headings in your paper.

1970 – 1976 At 21, Anna, did not go to college is arranged as an assistant in the department of fashion in the British edition of Harpers & amp; Queen, which makes a brilliant career. Two years later – in 1973 – the editor Anna assigns it as his deputy, and in 1976 she was invited to New York for the position of editor of fashion in the American version of the magazine – Harper’s Bazaar.

1983 Wintour has served as creative director of American Vogue, Grace Mirabella led (Grace Mirabella). It is the format of the publication outdated, unsuitable conservative and monotonous, and does not conceal his career ambitions. But the leadership of the newspaper, while agreeing with the need for some changes, does not dare to spend castling and move from the post of chief editor of Mirabella, who led the magazine for more than 17 years.

1986-1987 Wintour went to London, where she was first entrusted leadership of the British Vogue, and then, a year later – and the magazine House & amp; Garden. Last renames it in H & amp; G and manages to diversify the types of interior photos of celebrities and models in designer clothes. Innovations cause mixed reactions of readers to have to call someone perturbed specifically allocate a separate line. But the leadership greatly appreciated the ability of Anna Wintour reform that has managed to breathe new life into the old edition and increase its circulation.

1988 Anna Wintour was appointed editor in chief of American Vogue, and her assistant manager Liz Tilberis (Liz Tilberis) became its successor in the London edition. In his new position carries Wintour radical changes in the format of the magazine, filling it with fresh faces and entourage. It breaks the tradition of putting on its cover the same type of sleek blondes, offering new images of heroines such as Cheryl Tiggs and Kim Alexis. In this case, the lens does not just face, as it was before, but the model’s body and replaced the traditional photo session studio filming al fresco. Anna Vinutr is fashion as a game in which it is not forbidden to change the rules, if it lacks audacity and strength. Following this concept, it is placed on the cover of the debut mannequin in cheap faded jeans ensemble with topom Christian Lacroix embroidered with precious stones.

1990 Starting from this year, Anna Wintour is actively attracting money to a charitable organization for the fight against AIDS. Its total contribution amounts to over 10 million.

1999 After viewing the pre-photo shoot Jennifer Lopez, claiming the status of “Girl of the Millennium”, Anna Wintour refused to put her picture on the cover, citing the fact that the singer is too vulgar for Vogue.

2001 Paris Fashion Week closed two days earlier, in accordance with the requirements of the journalists from the United States, headed by Anna Wintour, finding her schedule too long. Changing the schedule leads to the fact that the day passes more than ten shows, the first of which begins at 8.45 am and the last one ends at midnight.

2003 At the award ceremony for the enormous contribution to the development of fashion Anna Wintour does not appear in the traditional black and pale peach dress by Oscar de la Renta.

2005 French activists of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) run Anna in the face with a cream cake, waylaid her at the exit from the show Chloe in central Paris. Thus, the “green” revenge Anne for her commitment to the fur and uncompromising rejections from publishing antipushnoy advertising.

2006 Anna Wintour became known as the prototype of the main character of the book and movie “The Devil Wears Prada┬╗.

2007 French Vogue shows a kind of homage to Anna Wintour, confirming its status as a style icon: in its pages in the fashion shoot by Mario Testino models are styled in the image of Anna Wintour.

2008 Anna Wintour receives honorary OBE from the hands of the Queen Elizabeth II, by adding to its merits the status of the engine of the global cultural progress.

P.S. Anna Wintour, has evolved over the years of his leadership of Vogue magazine in the world of fashion bible, says London cradle of innovation and fashionable city, pesto new Alexander McQueen or John Galliano. Recently, it is increasingly possible to meet at fashionable parties with her daughter Bee Shaffer (Bee Shaffer), which went in the footsteps of his mother, and took up fashion-journalism.

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