Barbara Carrera

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Barbara Carrera

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Barbara Carrera



Coo Coo Cafe (2000)

Alec to the Rescue

Judging Amy

Waking Up Horton (1998)

That ’70s Show

Love Is All There Is

The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best (p>

Russian Roulette — Moscow 95



Night of the Archer


Point of Impact

Lakota Moon

Murder in Paradise


Wicked Stepmother

Emma: Queen of the South Seas

The Underachievers (1987)

Love at Stake

Wild Geese II

Sins of the Past (p>

Mike Hammer

Never Say Never Again

Lone Wolf McQuade

Matt Houston

I, the Jury

Barbara CarreraBarbara Carrera
Barbara CarreraBarbara Carrera
Barbara CarreraBarbara Carrera

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