Ayumi Hamasaki

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Ayumi Hamasaki

In 1998, the year, Ayu has returned to the music scene under his real name “Hamasaki Ayumi”. Having signed a contract with the record company “Avex Trax”, she released her debut single, “Poker Face” 8th April 1998. He was on the 20th th

Full Name: Ayumi Hamasaki

Nickname: Ayu

Libra, Bucephalus (Chinese Zodiac)

Company Blood: A

Height: 156 cm.

Weight: 40 kg.

Dimensions: 80-53-82

Producer: Max Matsuura

The record company: Avex Trax

Hobbies: listen to music, look baseball

Favorite singer: Keiko (from the group Globe), Ri Miyazawa, Seiko Matsuda

Musical preferences: As a child, listening to rock music (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple) under the influence of relatives. Now she likes art in the style of soul music (En Vogue, Babyface)

Favorite Actors: Nicolas Cage, Miyazawa Ri

Favorite Movies: The Bodyguard, Betty Blue, Leaving Las Vegas

People who Ayumi respect: People who have something that no she

People who Ayumi Dislikes: Liars. People who do not say hello

I enjoy to a certain point: the multiplication of white things for my room

My favorite food: biscuits, cakes, chocolate, kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage)

Favorite color: Black, white, pink, ignorant

What Ayumi likes to read about all the magazines about fashion, modern translations of ancient Japanese poems, poems Natsuo Giniro, Mitsuo Aida, etc.

What Ayumi studies: playing the piano, calligraphy (5th rank)

About Ayumi verses: “I am trying to show their impressions and their friends and put my sincere feelings in his poems. If I write in a bad mood, it turns somber song, but I do not care. I want to be honest for herself. “

Other Ayumi talent: drawing, ballet, Ayumi can compose and left and right hand

^ HISTORY her life

Ayumi Hamasaki was born on 2nd October 1978. From Class B singer, she became a queen of Japanese pop music. now her albums and singles just fly off the shelves, and some high school girls imitate her style of dress. Let’s learn more about the past, Ayumi and try to understand why her songs are so attract, especially their text.

^ childhood with a single parent

Ayumi was brought up her mother and grandmother. His father did not remember about it. therefore it had to be a mother and a father and a mother, she worked several jobs to provide for his family. Ayu once said that she never ate meals prepared her mother, and he has never slept with her mother in the same bed. Even if Ayumi went to school, my mother did not have time for her to store back home in time. Still, Ayu had never held on the mother of evil.

Ayumi mentor once said that she was much older other children her age. She was terribly independent. And if her classmates bullied boy, she-old did not give their antics. Ayu well behaved mainly because of the methods of education of her mother. She had never forced Ayumi learn and finish your homework, it is not even required to Ayumi returned back home after school. Instead, she spoke of Ayu be a responsible person, for she carried a pledge for their actions.

At age 7 Ayumi has become a model for the Central Bank of Fukuoka. From that moment she began her career as a model. In an era in school, she was so keen on a career model that unusually bad attended classes. Since she was a model, Ayu liked to decorate their hair, dragged miniskirts, etc. But her teacher and the neighbors saw it as “difficult child” and forbade his children to communicate with Ayumi. At the same age Ayumi met his first love. It was the athlete of the senior class at her school. But their relationship lasted only 3 years.

^ Her early musical and acting future

In 1991, the year when she was 13 years old, Ayumi used fictional “Kurumi Hamasaki”voezhe play in the play”Twins Teacher”. In this performance also played Aiko Satu, Kyoko Suzuki and still pretty famous people. At the age of Ayu I worked for a modeling agency “SOS”. after graduation, she went to one in Tokyo and began her career as an actress. However, as an actress, she was not very lucky.

In 1994 he entered into a commitment with Ayumi “Sun Music Productions”. Yumi Adachi, Seiko Matsuda and Noriko Sakai also once worked at this company. Ayu was hoping that she would get the same glorious in the entertainment industry as her idol Rea Miyazawa. In this season she played in 7 plays, the most impressive of which was “Miseinen”. In it she played the daughter of a wealthy politician hit. Ayumi also appeared on television in the transmission of “HIP – Hot Information Press” which tells about popular clubs and restaurants in Japan.

era from the time she was involved in the transfer of “Idol On Stage”. By the time she began to extract his real name instead of an alias. Ayumi played in 4 movies. Her film debut was a film “SU MO MO MO MO”. But even though she appeared in 4 films and tried to get the lead role, her acting skills do not impress the audience. Like any other Japanese singer in 1994, she made skolkonibud photo sessions in bathing suits in order to fly its popularity. She sang a photo album, where she appeared in a bathing suit, called “Terima Kashi” and went on sale in April 1995.

In fact, thank Ayu increased release of this album. But she did not like this way, if she had to throw a bikini and drinking sovratitelnye different poses. And in the end, Ayumi decided that it rolled out of the way ordinary pop singer. 21st September 1995, it changed its image and has released a hip-hop single “Nothing From Nothing”under the name”AYUMI”. It proclaimed himself the youngest hip-hop artists. In the era of considerable renown enjoyed the company EAST END X YURI Education and Japanese Rap music is gaining popularity.

Ayu tried to become rap artists, and it was a step that hurts strongly different from just what she did in the beginning of his career. And on December 1st of 1995, she released her debut mini-album, “Nothing From Nothing”. So she became a singer category B and lost in the Japanese pop music in 1996 year. She also played in the play “famino Papuruai”In 1997, the name”AYUMI” disappeared from the music entertainment industry. It was rumored that Ayu had some problems with her record company, which was unable to fly its popularity.

^ meeting with producer

once her friend what worked in the club owned record company Avex, invited her to a karaoke bar. This requirement is always changed her life. A friend invited on Karaoke Masato (Max) Matsuura, who introduced himself as a producer Ayumi. “I he has never heard of Avex”, – he says Ayumi laughing. “When he asked me if I wanted to continue her singing career, I said, ‘No way!’. He was older than me and I do it seemed suspicious. In the course of the next year Matsuura went on to claim his.

In the end, Ayumi succumbed. She agreed to put on at least a course of vocal training, because, as she says, she just had nothing to do. But the courses proved boring and strict teachers. “It seemed to me that I have got to school”- she says.”If there are rules and regulations, I did not help myself, I want to break them.” as she confessed to Matsuura that the majority of truant school. But instead of voezhe abandon her, he invited her to go to New York, get a real workout voezhe.

“I thought he was joking”- says Ayumi -“because I was only 17 years old.”In the end she went and lived in a hotel close to the city center within 3 months, going on singing classes a few blocks from her residence.”In New York, it was easy. There was no rigor and rules” – says Ayumi. If Hamasaki returned to Japan, Matsuura asked her to another test.

Since it is difficult to spread his thoughts aloud, Hamasaki throughout the year talking with Matsuura through letters, in which he saw echoes of simple, but at the same season of deep poems. He read the letter and asked her Scribbles song itself. position that it will be able to express themselves in their songs pushed her in a new direction. “No one before me, about what did not ask or expect anything from me” – says about Hamasaki Matsuura, she and all the work in Avex name of his office, senmu governor or director.

“Part of me was flattered, and the section I was scared, but I did not want to admit that I can not do that. Mountain people patted me on the head and said,”You’re so cute”. Senmu do not like it, but if he praises me, I know that I deserve it. He’s the man who found and opened me. Matsuura stayed with Ayumi, even if everyone understood that it is not quite a superstar again.

^ Return to pop music after a long break,

In 1998, the year, Ayu has returned to the music scene under his real name “Hamasaki Ayumi”. Having signed a contract with the record company “Avex Trax”, she released her debut single, “Poker Face” 8th April 1998. He got to the 20th period on the Oricon charts and sold in the Japanese edition of 43.150 copies. then professional training in New York, Ayumi matures as an artist.

She begins making poems, based on their feelings, thoughts and feelings. Thanks to this support Ayumi schoolgirl older. Ayumi won the first space in the radio transmission, which for her voted most high school students in the same year, she released the singles “YOU”(June 10),”Trust”(August 5),”For My Dear …”(October 7) and”Depend On You”(December 9). All these singles hit the top ten in the chart Oricon. And the 1st January 1999 Ayumi releases her debut book “A Song For XX”, who stayed on the first place in the charts for 4 weeks.

^ new queen of Japanese pop music

then its success, all actions and gossip Ayumi become interesting to the public. Releasing a double book remixes “Ayu-Mi-X” Ayumi contributed remixes appearance in Japanese pop music. Soon, other artists took up this course and began to exclude their albums of remixes. 1999th year, Utada Hikaru era, was a year of Ayu. Ayumi happiness grew more and more.

Singles “Whatever”(February 10),”LOVE

“(April 14),”To Be”(May 12),”Boys & Girls”(July 14),”A”(August 11),”Appears”(November 10) and the book”LOVEppears”(10 November), all sold with great success especially the single “A”which has sold over 1.5 million copies tokmo in Japan. It was on the third place in the nomination”The best-selling of the Year” conceding only Utada Hikaru L’Arc-en- Ciel.

Ayumi terribly demanding for recording albums. Not all songs have to be of the highest quality, but also decorate the covers so must like people. For example, on the cover of the album “LOVEppears”she is depicted as evroaziatka and her long hair closing her bare breasts, but on the cover of the single”Appears”Ayumi photographed as well, but her skin betrayed a dark shade. The single”Whatever”it looks like an angel, and”Kanariya”as a woman a diamond. On the cover of the album”Duty” Ayumi dressed in sexy leopard dress.

Max Matsuura, Ayumi producer, says that if all of her albums was a sign “Producer – Ayumi Hamasaki,” then it would not be wrong, as Ayumi practically already reached the rank producer. unfeigned connoisseur can not rely only on its beauty, it is also guilty of hope for your brain. He is obliged to make poetry or music, voezhe express himself, revealing his unique quality of all, there reputation will last longer.

As with Utada Hikaru, who writes poetry and music at Ayumi has a talent for writing poems. the song “To Be”is considered one of the best. Max Matsuura said that when he first read her poems, they touched him impenetrably tight as something stung his heart. He added -“Many professionals will not be able to inform these verses. Girls who grew up in regular families will not be able to inform these verses … Do Ayumi as a child did not have a lot of friends, so she can express tremendously special feeling in his poems.

thank tokmo Ayu is not limited to music. For while Ayumi dresses, watch all the Japanese girls. In Japan, it is called the successor Us Amuro and new trendsetter for Japanese schoolgirls. Ayumi extraordinary influences from youth culture. On the streets of Tokyo, you can understand the girls dressed as the “Barbie doll”(as Ayumi appeared in the video for the song”Seasons”), and wearing high-heeled shoes. And then as Ayumi starred in 3 commercials for the company Scooter Honda, some women began to ride a moped to school.

Ayumi just released the album “Book A”where instead of voezhe perform only sexual pictures, as do other Japanese singer Ayumi made 8 different photo shoots with different themes. She has also written comments to the photos in the”Book A”. All this shows that Ayumi has a unique style which the public likes. In the year 2000 it held its zateyschik concert consisting of two parts. Costumes that she used during the era of the concert, as well become infinitely fashionable. the name “KOSE” produces cosmetics Ayumi asked to declare their products.

then hype the first cosmetic 500,000 sets were sold in the course of 2-days. Many stores had to hang signs in which it was written that they have ended a new cosmetics, hence some of the girls were upset and disappointed. in order to solve this problem have been made the new party makeup. Ayumi appears not only in television commercials, but also in fashion magazines. There is a saying that Ayu knows how to connect the nail color with your clothes. Ayumi won in such categories as “the artist who more than just imitate”, “The best use of cosmetics,”etc. All these awards were given Ayumi, who as a child was a poor girl, a privilege to say -“Yes, I set the fashion!”

That responsibility that rests on the shoulders of Ayumi Hamasaki with a show at the top of the music scene has become the price she had to pay for being able to express their thoughts. “The image of”Hello! It Ayu!”With television – says Ayumi using a boom similar to the noise anime characters she pochastu uses in his songs – this is the way, who want to see the people.” I understand that my theorem is conducive happen dreams of the people.

I’m ready to do this until the songs that I sing, my. No one can seize me my songs. “She exposed the brutal arithmetic of glory: instead of right to pass on their story through the songs she gives her freedom. Indeed, it has become something more than just a singer in our consumer society.”In I have to watch the product consumption”, – says Ayumi.”I have a product”.

Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki
Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki
Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki

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