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Augusto Schuster “Today my energies are endless!”

DESPITE his young age, shows the maturity of his eight years as an actor. In an interview with “things”, he speaks of their projects and of the course of his career. He says it is a normal guy, PLAYING FOOTBALL AND PLAYSTATION. BUT WARNS NOT PLAY ARTIST TO BE, BUT IT IS.

By: Ignacio Ossa / Photo: Javiera Eyzaguirre / Assistant. Daniel Toledo / Costumes: Daniela Quinzio / Make Up: Ivan Barria

Friday afternoon and Parque Arauco Starbucks was packed. Mostly teenagers trying very warm weather the cold coffee. This crowd was the mission to find Augusto Schuster difficult. He knew his success, both in Argentina as here, but I admit that I do not recognize the bat. This, plus the local movement, did the task easier. I decided that instead of looking for him, I’d look at their fans. Yes they would recognize and take me to my interview. They did not spend more than two minutes of the scheduled time and a couple of teenagers was staring at the window. Accomplices and loving glances rested on a young jockey big parka. “Is Augusto Schuster?”I ask them. They had to answer to know it was him. He was with his mother at a table talking, trying to go unnoticed. And he was making, until I came to greet him. He stopped, looked up and was exposed. We had to move on. The looks uncomfortable to do an interview. The road between the cafeteria on the first floor and Armani Café in the District House, was an odyssey. Many selfies, photos and kisses. Even a lady to see her husband shouted:”Is Augusto Schuster. “And swiftly he took out his phone, looked for a pencil and paper, they found, and went to shy actor. “I swear it’s for my daughter is going to die when you see the picture,”he said, but neither he nor I believed him, while her husband focused in the cell, then lost the stairs. At 22, Schuster has already tread carefully. Not only young, but also mature. His talent awakens a cross admiration and he knows it, he enjoys it and handle it with ease. Now it’s eight year career. Eight years he has done everything: soap operas, musical, dance, sing … He was recruited to the dramatic area of ​​Mega, where success came quickly and is now one hundred percent focused on the music. It is recording in Los Angeles, California, his first album. Not anything to him. When speaking of this project, it does so with greater emotion than shown by referring to his previous roles.”Today I’m putting all my disk wave, tired traveling to Argentina, Los Angeles … I like to be active and to go superándome and constantly learning,”says input. That strength allowed him to be in”Pituca without lucas”in the musical”Peter Pan”and recording an album. But, deep down, despite the dizzying success and his career, Augusto Schuster is not very different from their friends. It does not go to the gym, but would rather play football and basketball. When he has time, he goes in search of his friends to play PlayStation and, if not find anyone, take the guitar and try to compose something. He is aware that while his friends from pre-kindergarten are ending their careers, live with their parents and have four months of vacation a year, he has almost no days off, no working hours and spends most of his time away from home.”I have a normal relationship with my friends. I try to make sacrifices to them, understand my career, respect and are the first to tell me when they agree with something and when not, “he says.

Do you feel that you’ve missed many things about your job?

-Elegí have other things. Maybe some people would not have liked my life as others do, but I chose. This is my career, thank God it went well and I will continue in this.

‘you Have you repented of this choice?

Never. I have always found time for everything. When I had to give time to my family, I could do it. Obviously I see less, because I travel seasons and live in another country, but they are things that I have to have to live with that dream career. I do not regret anything.

-¿La exposure has caused you problems?

Yes, obviously. There really hungry press out of my life, but that’s normal and it got used. I try not to fish. I greatly respect the press, because it makes their work and have the best waves to everyone, I never angry with anyone, but I stay out of it.

Always latent scandal and should cost ignore this.

I do not have much to hide. I am as you see me. Some people say I look good boy, but I must be bad. But nothing to do. It did not take much alcohol, do not smoke, I do not drugs … nothing. I go out with girls, but nothing more. They try to look for the five-legged cat and there is nothing to hide from me. It is a can invent things and there you turn a deaf ear and focus on one.

‘Why did you accept to be part of the PDI campaign against child molestation grooming or online?

-Encontré it was a good opportunity to communicate with my fans from the other side, more responsible. I had never had the opportunity to do that and exposure I’ve had, I feel it is good to do. It’s something you added responsibility.

-Obvio, but I have that responsibility, like it or not. Tomorrow I tuitearlo without being part of any campaign and responsibility is different. The grooming is something that my fans are very exposed, by the use of social networks and this led me to join the campaign.

overwhelming at age 22. Is it feeling responsible for your fans?

I do not feel responsible for them. No overwhelms me. It is satisfying to be able to give advice. If I can help, I am happy.

Where find shelter when you’re alone, abroad, working?

-The technology helps. I can talk on Skype with my mom, my sister or my friends when I want. The two years I lived in Buenos Aires I became very good friends, who are like brothers to me, and they were very important at that time. I feel I have a family in Argentina. Along the way one finds people who help you to not feel so alone, but depends on you. When you go on tour you are alone in the hotel and I got used to that. That I have time for my music, thinking, singing … what happens to me.

How did you live your family? For even you leave a void every time you go away.

‘They are the ones who suffer most. I’ve gotten used and will continue in this. My mom supports me in my career, but I know it’s difficult for her to see me go for long periods. It is difficult for my mom and my sister, but over time we have grown accustomed. They have several years of this back and forth past, and I know they are proud of what I do.

‘One really used to this life?

-One is achieved accustom. There are more difficult than other times.

What is the hardest part of your career?

I have a wonderful career … I think the exhibition in the press may be all that complicated to me. It is penca for one and family.

-where, within the entertainment world, you wear a life away from the scandals. Though there is always the risk, I love this. I love having success because it enjoys; I love to fail because of that you learn. In this race you have to be always played and do it with passion.

-¿El low profile that you keep it on purpose, to take care, or I will not expose born more?

‘I’ve always done what I want. I have not put brakes, but do not hide anything. Coming “SQP” to get a microphone, I would have much to tell. Today I am single, I work a lot and nothing else. When I was pololear invented a lot of things …

‘Has side being in a relationship?

‘One has to be able to be saved, and when one is caring and passionate guy, the relationship can expose more than necessary. But I think it should not be difficult to have a relationship.

-Decías you liked failure because of that you learn. When hurt and upset to lose?

-From’ve always thought that everything happens for a reason. If I do well or poorly it is for something and I think that helps a lot. In moments of failure, wrong step, no joy with that, but I have people on my side to help me up every time I’ve encountered. I am working to make it better and not make the same mistakes.

-¿La early departure of your father in you developed a survival instinct?

-The death of my father, as a kid, I played a lot and there I began to think that everything happens for a reason. My career and I owe it all to him, regardless of who is not here.

‘Has lacked a father figure, to be with your mother and sister?

No. My mother is married and he was like my second father. It has always been there, loves me and I love it. It has always been like a father, so I had a father figure. Obviously I miss my dad, I would have loved to share more with him, but failed. He went for help from elsewhere. I always wanted a son man, so also will leave so early must have hurt.

my career, my decisions

You’ve had a very long career despite your youth. Where are you going to focus on? Because you act, dance, sing … Where do you feel most comfortable?

It’s a matter of moments. From childhood I liked to sing, dance, act … are things that are not necessarily separated. For me, these are things that go together. I wonder if I had to choose one of them … and I have no answer. Today I need to have tools to work in different areas of this profession. If I am called to a musical, I have to be able to sing and dance, to do a good character. Versatility has been a plus for my career and I want to keep it. So I took classes in dancing, acting … I try to be in force. I am 22 years, I am very young despite almost nine years I’ve been at this and I have a lot ahead. I want to continue to learn and improve myself.

You worked in Argentina, where many kids your age have careers with similar success than yours, but in Chile are one of the few that has such a large curriculum at age 22. Do you feel any weight for this?

I feel lucky to have done all this and you have all this knowledge. I thank God and my family. He tried not to impose pressures beyond that I can handle. I want to improve and beat me, and if people look at me different from what I do, I try not to look at it and follow the path I have traced.

-In the pressure that you impose, how far are you willing to go?

‘I demand to avoid falling into monotony. People evolves very fast and you want new and different things. It is good to grow in music, with new methods of operation and the limits are endless. Every minute that passes things are different, I may want to do other things. Today my energies are endless!

Where is your current goal?

Now my ultimate goal is my record. I was fortunate to meet Humberto Gatica and he has wanted to work on my project it is incredible. We have a fantastic team armed US and I am doing this with great care and all my strength. I love music, I feel passionate about. I want to have the disc in my hands, doing concerts, promote it and see what happens with this. The expectations are high, but things have to take it easy, because music is ephemeral.

-¿Pretendes develop your career in big? Because the pace is different and the exposure of an actor than a singer.

The music is very cute and I love, if filled beyond a place for a concert. Many times people have approached me to tell me that my songs have fallen in love with their girlfriends. That’s the best thing that ever happened to me, much more than fill a stadium. The feeling that someone is excited with your songs and important things pass through them, it is tops. That’s what I try to generate … that touches your heart.

-¿Te scared when once international figures like Justin Bieber or MileyCyrus who left as candid characters and today carry a backpack of scandals? Are you afraid that success will lead to excess?

‘They are globally recognized figures. In every corner of the world where the stand will recognize. That statement must be cared for and know take. When you start small, you can affect. You do not know if the path you take is because you want to or because you are forced to take …

‘In your case, your career decisions you have taken the?

-The decision of my career goes first for me; then by my mom and manager. We are a team we discussed everything, but never do something you do not want to do. This allows you to enjoy life.

Augusto SchusterAugusto Schuster
Augusto SchusterAugusto Schuster
Augusto SchusterAugusto Schuster

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