Astrid Lindgren

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Astrid Lindgren: biography

Astrid Anna Emilia Ericsson was born November 14, 1907 We were on a farm, near Vimmerby (Sweden).

After graduating from school, he worked in the local newspaper, then moved to Stockholm (1926) and enrolled to school secretaries. 4 December of the same year her son was born Lars. Marry Astrid Erickson came five years later, taking the name in marriage, which later became world-famous.

His first big fairy tale – “Pippi Longstocking”- Astrid Lindgren wrote in his daughter a gift in 1944. When my daughter Karin was seven years old, she became seriously ill and lay in bed for several months. Every evening, the girl asked her mother something to tell her.”Once, when I did not know what to narrate, she made the order – about Pippi Longstocking. I asked who it was, and began to tell the incredible stories that are consistent with the strange name of the girl”.

One evening in March 1944 Astrid had to visit one of his friend. It was snowing on the street was slippery, she fell and broke her leg. For some time she had to lie in bed. Had nothing to do, and she began to shorthand his stories about Pippi, decided to present the manuscript as a gift to a daughter, when she was ten years old in May.

How and why Astrid still decided to send the work to the publisher – this history is silent. Book lightning became popular, she was awarded several prizes, and stunned the author was invited to work in a children’s book publisher. Since then, the tales of Astrid Lindgren, one after another, like a dove with his hands, took off into the world.

The idea of ​​”Carlson, who lives on the roof” also prompted a daughter. Astrid drew attention to the funny story of Karin that when a girl is left alone to her room through the window flies a small cheerful man who hides behind the picture, if you include adults. It appeared Carlson – beautiful, intelligent and rather chubby man in the prime of life. But then he was called Lilem Kvarsten. Astrid Lindgren more than once:

– I do not want to write for adults!

These words were the credo of her life and work. She wanted to to write only for children, because that it is absolutely separates the points of of view of remarkable the French writer of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, that all people hails from childhood.

In 1957, Lindgren became the first children’s writer, the award winning Swedish state for literary achievement. Astrid hit so many awards to list them all is impossible.

Since the early 70-ies of the book written by her consistently top the list of the most popular works for children. Her works, telling about Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lennebergi, Kid and Carlson, published in 58 languages.

Her books have laid a completely new tradition of children’s literature that breaks with the usual for this genre moralizing and sentimentality.

The candidacy died January 28, 2002 the Swedish children’s writer Astrid Lindgren was posthumously nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Astrid Lindgren: biography.

Astrid LindgrenAstrid Lindgren
Astrid LindgrenAstrid Lindgren
Astrid LindgrenAstrid Lindgren

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