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The famous namesake named Ariadne

The Holy Martyr Ariadne Promisskaya (Phrygian) – slave, for his confession of faith in Christ has suffered under the Emperor Hadrian. Memory in the Orthodox church on September 18 (October 1), the Catholic, November 18.

Ariadne – in Greek mythology Mythology (from the Greek mythos – tradition, legend and logos – word, teaching) – a set of myths (the most famous images of the mythology of Ancient Greece, Ancient India), as well as the science that studies the myths (their appearance, content, and distribution). the daughter of King Minos of Crete; when the Athenian hero Theseus killed the terrible monster – the Minotaur. but could not get out of an endless labyrinth, Ariadne saved him by providing a ball of thread, the end of which was fixed at the entrance – hence the expression “Ariadne”, or “Ariadne’s thread”.

Ariadne A. Scriabin (1905-1944) – the daughter of a Russian composer and pianist Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin. after the adoption of Judaism – Sarah – an active participant of the National Jewish Fighting Organization, was killed in a clash in Toulouse with collaborators.

Ariadne V. Chernov (1908-1974) – literary critic, translator, after the October Revolution was living in exile.

Ariadna Ivanovna Delianich (native Stepanova, May 13, 1909, Sevastopol – 1981, San Francisco) – Russian journalist and writer. The daughter of Rear Admiral Ivan Stepanov. From 1933 he wrote to the Yugoslav newspaper “Vremya”, “Update”, and others. During the Second World War in 1942 for contacts with the Chetniks he was arrested by the Gestapo in Belgrade, but was released after 40 days due to the intervention of Dmitry Lёticha. In 1953-1973 gg. – The editor in chief of the newspaper “Russian Life”(San Francisco). The author of the novel”The Mist”and the storybook”hotel on Turahskih heights”.

Ariadna Efron (September 18th (September 5th September old style) 1912, Moscow – July 26, 1975, Tarusa) – translator of prose and poetry, diarist, artist, art critic, poet ( original poetry, in addition to written in childhood, when life is not published); daughter Marina Tsvetaeva and Efron Efron.

Ariadne G. Gromova (15 December (2 December to the old calendar) 1916 – 13 November 1981) – famous Soviet science fiction writer, critic and theorist of science fiction. Member of the USSR SP (Writers’ Union of the USSR – an organization of professional writers of the USSR.). She made her debut in 1935. Participant of the Great Patriotic War. Many translations from English and Polish languages ​​(including works by Stanislaw Lem), was the originator of various collections and anthologies, and participated in the 25-volume edition of “Library of modern fiction.” A number of her literary works dedicated to utopia and dystopia, creativity S. Lem, Natanovich brothers Arkady and Boris N. Strugatsky.

Ariadna Ivanovna Kazei (23 December 1926 – 15 April 2008) – Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored teacher of the Byelorussian SSR, deputy of the Supreme Council, member of the Audit Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus. Sister of the Hero of the Soviet Union Marat Ivanovich Kase.

Ariadne Adamovna Yakushev (known as Ada Yakusheva) (Kusurgasheva; January 24, 1934, Leningrad – 6 October 2012, Moscow) – Russian poet, singer, radio journalist and writer. As a child of Hell studied cello music, but the music school is not finished. In 1952 he entered the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after Vladimir Lenin on the faculty of Russian language and literature, where she studied at the same time with future bards and poets Yuri Iosifovich Vizbor, Julius Chersanovichem Kim, Yuri Evgenievich Ryashentseva, writer Yuri Iosifovich Koval, as well as with the director Piotr Naumovich Fomenko. Pedagogical Institute was one of the main centers in the country, author of the song, and in 1954, in the second year, Ada began writing songs and poems.

Ariadne Vsevolodovna Shengelaja (nee. Shprink) (b. January 13, 1937, in Tashkent) – Russian theater and film actress. People’s Artist of Georgia. People’s Artist of Russia (1979). In 1960 she graduated from the VGIK (workshop Actor Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Belokurova). She was an actress of Russian Drama Theatre named after Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov Tbilisi, and then, since 1960 – an actress studio “Georgia-Film”. Since 1980 – the actress film studio. Maxim Gorky.

Ariadna Gil Hiner (Spanish Ariadna Gil Giner; b. January 23, 1969 in Barcelona) – Spanish actress. The winner of the award “Goya”in the category”Best Actress”for her role in”The era of Beauty”(1992). In addition, five times has been nominated for the Film Award (four times in the category”Best Actress”, 1 times in the category “Best Actress”). She worked in theater and television in Catalan, until it was noticed a well-known director Bigas Luna, invited Ariadne to film in his film “Lola”(1986). World renown for Gil came after the film”The Age of Beauty,”directed by Fernando Trueba, who received the”Oscar”for best foreign language film, and won the national film award Ariadne Spanish”Goya” for best actress. Since that time, Gil is one of the most sought-after actresses in Spanish cinema, able to play the most challenging role.

Ariadne auf Naxos (it. Ariadne auf Naxos) – one-act opera by the German composer Richard Strauss to a libretto written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The basis of the plot of the opera lay comedy “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” (1835) French comedian Jean-Baptiste Moliere. There are two versions of the opera. Production of the first version took place on April 8, 1912 in Stuttgart Hofteatre (now, the Stuttgart Opera House). Setting the second version was made four years later.

Ariadne Oliver (English Ariadne Oliver) – a fictional character, the heroine of the novels of English writer Agatha Christie. The character appears in a number of works by replacing the faithful companion Poirot – Captain Hastings and works about Mr. Parker Pyne. Mrs. Oliver – writer of detective novels and a fanatical feminist. In this image Agatha Christie had the opportunity to laugh at themselves.

«Ariadne» – 20-gun wooden sailing corvette Russian Black Sea Fleet. It was founded January 28, 1847 in Sevastopol, and the Admiralty after launching on Aug. 26, 1851, became part of the Black Sea Fleet. Construction led the ship’s master Roznov. The vessel is on information from a variety of sources from 38.1 to 38.2 meters, width from 10.6 to 10.7 meters, draft – 3.8 meters. The armament consisted of two 24-pounders, eighteen 24-pounder gun-carronade one 8-pound carronades and four 3-pounder brass falcon. The commander – AI Nikonov (1852-1854).

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Ariadna GilAriadna Gil
Ariadna GilAriadna Gil
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