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Annette Bening – one of those Hollywood actresses that shine is not the number received “Oscars”, and matchless game: it cast a deep sense of the potential drop in each role. But in whose appearance would not the audience was Annette – Queen Elizabeth or cynical fraudsters – its main stage is the family, and the director – Love.

The daughter of an insurance agent (A Grant Bening) and church singer (Shirley Bening), dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood.

The childhood and adolescence of the future actress went to California, where her family moved in 1959 from Kansas. She enrolled in the acting department of the University of San Francisco. After graduation Ms. Bening was admitted to the troupe of the famous theater ACT in San Francisco.

In 1986, she arrived with her husband in New York. For his role in the Broadway production in 1987, “Coastal excitement,”the young actress has been nominated for a prestigious theatrical award”Tony”. But the theater was not only her work: at the same time with the game on stage Bening starred in the television series Miami Vice, Manhunt for Claude Dallas and Wiseguy.

In 1988, Annette played first major film role in the movie “The Big Holiday”directed by Dan Ackroyd. The debut turned out not very successful: the film flopped at the box office. Bening next acting job was a role in the film”Valmont,” Milos Forman filmed on the novel by Choderlos de Laclos’ Dangerous Liaisons ».

Taking a proposal Forman play the role of the Marquise de Merteuil in the film adaptation of the novel (in prokate- “Valmont”1989), it was a certain risk. At the same time”Valmont”appears on the screen”Dangerous Liaisons”S. Frears, where the role of the Marquise de Merteuil played by Glenn Close, has created a catchy portrait secular intriguer, avenging all over the world for his irrevocably lost youth. Foreman and Bening went another stale putem.Zloy mind and soul at the charming, disposing appearance – is the Marquis de Merteuil by Bening. Her character belongs to the type of women, who in the old days was called” “. charmer Witty, courteous, with a constant smile on her lips, she flirts right and left, trying to seduce everyone. With a beaming smile, she destroys frivolous Valmont without experiencing great remorse over his untimely death.

Unfortunately, this novel so often filmed in Hollywood that wonderful movie Foreman go unnoticed.

In 1990, Bening divorced her first husband, actor Steve White.

In 1990, the year in the career of Annette Bening was a crisis: she played bitchiness cheats in a bright, dynamic Steven Frears “Grifters” the novel by Jim Thompson.

Those same qualities are the essence of Myra Langtry, the heroine of the movie “Scammers” (1990). The overall impression that the soul of the French aristocrats moved to the brash American maid. But Myra is not interested in petty intrigues, which mired the Marquis. She likes to risk the dangerous operation, because accustomed to live to the limit. The risk for her the same drug, which cheers the soul and makes the blood boil. And yet she manages to maintain the attractiveness in the eyes of those who planned it as the next victim.

This exhilarating game Bening was awarded the Academy Award – she was nominated for “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actress.

The highest professionalism Annette Bening makes her “laid out”in each, the smallest roles. Brilliant divertissement can be called that little episode in the movie”Postcards from the Edge” (1990), in which Annette Bening and Meryl Streep discuss the merits of their common lover. Cynicism, lightheadedness, hovering around a cheeky, not accustomed to climb into his pocket for a word starlet. Annette Bening in this episode so Jokes that overshadows performer starring Meryl Streep.

Friends and creative collaborators speak about Annette as a fine, intelligent and even a mysterious woman. Indeed, it remains a mystery how she manages to be on the screen at once repulsive and attractive. Sometimes she has to play a positive and heroines (“Guilty by Suspicion”, 1991; “Regarding Henry”, 1991), but they are not so interested in it.

The famous actor Warren Beatty, who admired Annette acting talent, invited her to star with him in the gangster saga “Bugsy” (1991).

A small masterpiece Bening was the role of Virginia Hill.

The shameless, shameless, ready to grab the throat to anyone who encroaches on her freedom – this appears on-screen lover of the famous gangster Bugsy Siegel.

A strange mixture of charm and vileness common to many heroines Bening.

None of today’s actresses do not have so much to play negative characters.

His appearance and manners Annette Bening closest stars of the past, rather than modern actresses like Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger and Daryl Hannah. Probably because it so convincingly Virginia Hill, as if shagnuvshaya on the screen of the 30s.

The on-screen duo grew into a romantic relationship, and in 1992 the actors were married.

Two years later, the couple starred in “love affair”(1994), failed miserably at the box office, but the following year Bening played Queen Elizabeth in the drama”Richard III», and this painting brought her success: the painting was enthusiastically accepted public and twice nominated for the “Oscar».

Happy Lady

In the breaks between filming Annette she gave birth to four children. Sometimes, for the sake of which she refused to different roles so Bening lost to Michelle Pfeiffer role of Catwoman in “Batman Returns”(1992). In 1999, she played a woman who had killed her husband, tragicomedy”American Beauty.”The film became a favorite of Oscar race, but victory from the hands Bening literally snatched the young actress Hillary Swank. Annette is not too upset because of the lost”Oscar”: it was the last month of pregnancy and gave birth to three weeks.

At the ceremony “Oscars”in 2005. The confrontation Bening, Swank again: Bening was nominated for the award for her role as actress Julia Lambert in the film adaptation of the novel Somerseta Maugham’s”Theatre”and Swank – for her role as a female boxer in the movie”Girl in a million” . Although recognition again got rival, Annette never for a moment lost its inherent charismatic boldness that makes it unique each actor’s work.

Paying attention to his beloved profession, Annette above everything else my family – children and husband, whom she fully committed. It is said that Warren Beatty was going into politics. Fully supports his wife: “My husband would be an ideal president of the USA”, – says Bening. Probably herself Annette gladly played the role of the first lady of the country – much more heartfelt and more natural than in the movie.

Laureate Awards “BAFTA”(2000) and”Golden Globe”(2005, 2011), four-time nominee for the prize”Academy Award” (1991, 2000, 2005, 2011).

Annette been married twice and has four children.

The first husband – Steven J. White, choreographer. They were married in 1984-1991 years.

The second husband – Warren Beatty (g.r.1937), the Oscar-winning actor and director. Married to March 3, 1992. In this marriage the actress gave birth to four children: Elizabeth Kathleen Beattie (01.08.92), Benjamin MacLean Beatty (08.23.94), Isabel Ira Ashley Beatty (11.01.97) and Ella Corinne Beatty (08.04.00).

Annette BeningAnnette Bening
Annette BeningAnnette Bening
Annette BeningAnnette Bening

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