Angelica Panganiban

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15 best models from Asia.

Asian Ethnicity is very popular. Virtually any fashion show is held without them. Asian models were so many things to show them in one post is not possible. Below is a sample of the most-women South East of the continent. Get ready: you are waiting for the perfect body, black hair, slanted eyes and perfect skin.

One of the first to become famous models of the Asian appearance, and was the first asian Mey, which opened the show, and that was back in 2004. But it is almost impossible to determine the age, each time it is different.

Angelica Panganiban

Filipina with unpronounceable name conquers his unforgettable sight and a perfect figure.

Charo Ronquillo

Philippines – the perfect place for scouting models. Here there are absolutely unique types. For example Charo Ronquillo. Unlike his compatriot Angelica Pangabian, which has a very delicate facial features, Charo – its opposite. It is bold and strong.

Sonia Dara

India is famous for its beautiful actresses, models but there is hardly anyone remembers. One of the few Sonia Dara, adorned this year’s Sports Illustrated.

Stang Disayanon

In her native Thailand many envy. In addition to the very nature of wealthy parents gave her tremendous appearance, duly valued in the West.

Vanida Florence Faivre

The mixture of blood of different races are almost always gives a beautiful and very beautiful children. A striking example polutayskaya, polufrantsuzskaya model Florence Faivre. By the way, in addition to modeling career, she is also a well-known actress in Thailand.

Azura Vandenberg

Another example of successful friendship Europe and Asia – Azura Vanderberg. It all beautiful: the unforgettable face and the perfect figure parameters.

Anita – perhaps one of the most advanced models in Malaysia. But despite such a long career, she is still very popular.

Farnani Empel

A miniature Indonesian model, began his career at a very early age. However, a slight increase is not the only feature of her, her body a lot of tattoos, that does not interfere with her career.

Lakshmi Menon

Lakshmi – the ideal model for the shooting in a bikini and mini-dress. One of its achievements can be regarded as an appearance on the cover of Vogue India.

Neha Dhupia

It is another veteran of the modeling business Asia. Taking off her career began after being hit by one of 10 finalists in the Miss Universe, but she also has a successful actress and higher education.

The Vietnamese model, which has contracts with the world’s best model agencies: Storm, New York Model Management and LA Models. Her appearance makes it possible to transform into a completely different images of the great lady up party girl.

Kelly Tandiono

Indonesian Leggy model is popular for the fact that it has its own unique style of dress. Because of this often falls into the lens of fashion bloggers as the standard style.

Razia – One of the most popular models for Indian shooting in lingerie that is absolutely amazing. Such a body is simply impossible to hide.

Angelica PanganibanAngelica Panganiban
Angelica PanganibanAngelica Panganiban
Angelica PanganibanAngelica Panganiban

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