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Wiley Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-470-46724-4






  • The basic concepts of this controversial theory
  • How string theory builds on physics concepts
  • The different viewpoints in the field
  • String theory’s physical implications

Why are scientists so excited about string theory? Because string theory is the most likely candidate for a successful theory of quantum gravity – a theory that scientists hope will unite two major physical laws of the universe into one. Right now, these laws (quantum physics and general relativity) describe two totally different types of behavior in totally different ways, and in the realm where neither theory works completely, we really don’t know what’s going on! Understanding the implications of string theory means understanding profound aspects of our reality at the most fundamental levels. Are there parallel universes? Is there only one law of nature or infinitely many? Why does our universe follow the laws it does? Is time travel possible? How many

dimensions does our universe possess? Physicists are passionately seeking answers to these questions. Indeed, string theory is a fascinating topic, a scientific revolution that promises to transform our understanding of the universe. As you’ll see, these sorts of revolutions have happened before, and this book helps you understand how physics has developed in the past, as well as how it may develop in the future. This book contains some ideas that will probably, in the coming years, turn out to be completely false. It contains other ideas that may ultimately prove to be fundamental laws of our universe, perhaps forming the foundation for whole new forms of science and technology. No one knows what the future holds for string theory.

Open the book and find:

  • The questions string theory attempts to answer
  • Easy-to-follow examples
  • Explanations of Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum theory, and particle physics
  • The successes and failures of string theory
  • Fascinating bits of string theory including strings and branes
  • Ways that string theory can be tested
  • How the theory may relate to cosmic mysteries, from the origin of matter to black holes.

Andrew Zimmerman Jones / String Theory for Dummies / p>

Andrew Zimmerman Jones / String Theory for Dummies / h3>
Andrew ZimmernAndrew Zimmern
Andrew ZimmernAndrew Zimmern
Andrew ZimmernAndrew Zimmern

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