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BIOGRAPHY Alla Pugacheva

3rd prize V All-Union competition entertainers.

Introduction to R. Pauls and G. Khazanov.

Teamwork “Jolly Fellows”.

Grand Prix “Golden Orpheus”for the song”Harlequin”, Bulgaria.

recording the songs for the film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

Alla leaves the “Jolly Fellows”. She writes songs for films “Vesnuhina Fantasy,””Centerline from the sky.” In Bulgaria, she released her album”Alla Pugacheva Singing”.

LP: Alla Pugacheva and “Jolly Fellows”.

Admission GITIS. Up to 80-year working with the group “Rhythm”. Filming “The woman who sings” and the establishment of a program of the same name.

2LP “mirror of the soul.” The first professional work of the composer Alla Pugacheva (Boris Gorbonos).

Meeting with Evgeny Boldin. The contest “Sopot-78″- the Grand Prix”Amber Nightingale”for the song”Kings Can Do Everything” (Sopot, Poland).

2LP: “Greatest Hits”.

The light goes out the film “The woman who sings.”According to the poll of readers of magazine”Soviet Screen” Pugacheva recognized actress. Her film looked more than 55 million people in the Soviet Union.

LP: “Harlequin”and others,”k / f”The woman who sings”k / f”Foam”.

Under the leadership of Yuri Shakhnazarov created a group of “Recital”. The awarding of the title of “Honored Artist of the RSFSR”.

LP: “Rise above the bustle”, LP: “Whether more will be.” Disks Pugacheva sold over 100 million copies.

The end of GITIS. Creating a program “Monologues singer”. Awarding the prize “Golden Microphone”as the best singer of the year by the company”Dinakord”, Germany. Awarding medals for contribution to peace Chairman of the World Peace Council. Creating a program “Our guest maestro,” “New Year’s attraction”.

2LP: “How anxious this way.” Home paulsovskogo period.

June 28: Performance in the Parisian hall “Olympia”. November: Speech at the Italian Hall “Olimpico”. “New Year’s amusement-82″Shooting the movie”Love for Love”.

LP: “Our guest maestro”, LP: “Parade of Planets” M.Minkova.

“New Year’s amusement-83”.

The beginning of cooperation with Igor Nikolayev.

Release drive giant in Sweden and Finland. Creating a program “came and said,”shooting in the same film. Shooting of the film”Season of Wonders”.

2LP: “Soviet SuperStar”. Issued in the Nordic countries drives become bestsellers. Pugacheva recognized as the most popular woman in Finland. New Finnish ferry called the singer’s name.

In January Pugacheva awarded the title “People’s Artist of the RSFSR.”The movie was released. According to the poll of readers of”Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “I came and said,”becomes a movie, the music to which wrote the singer. The joint tour with the Swedish trio”Herreys”.

LP: “Watch out”, LP: “Alla Pugacheva in Stockholm”, LP: “Stadium”A.Gradskogo, k / f”has come and say,”k / f”Season of Wonders”.

September: Charity concert in Chernobyl.

Start “youth”period. LP”has come and speak”, LP: “Happiness in your personal life”.

Large touring tour of the Soviet Union and foreign countries. Awarding medals FIDOF “For contribution to the cause of peace and harmony through music”.

31 August: “Baltic scandal.” Songs Pugacheva withdrawn from the ether until December 1987.

Under his leadership creates a “theater of the song.”The first tour in Israel and the United States. Creation of the program”Christmas meetings”

LP: “The songs instead of letters”.

Grand touring Song Theatre of the largest concert halls of the Soviet Union. Presentations in the United States, Australia and Korea.

LP: “Ferryman”.

Grand touring Song Theatre of the largest concert halls of the Soviet Union. Performances in Austria and Spain.

LP: “Alla Pugacheva”, CD: “Alla”.

The birth of a grandson of Nikita. Grand tour of the Theatre of songs by the largest concert halls of the Soviet Union. Assign the title “People’s Artist of the USSR,” the day before the collapse of the country.

2LP: “Christmas meetings-90″start”chelobanovskogo” period.

Create a company “Alla”. Release spirits “Alla”. Tours in Russia and CIS countries, Israel and Germany.

2LP: “Christmas meetings-91″for / f”Julia”.

The big tour of Russia, the CIS, the USA with the program “Alla Pugacheva Singing”. Participation in the festival “Jurmala-93”. The first issue of the magazine “Alla”.

in Moscow given five solo concerts after eight years. Alla Pugacheva recognized as a woman of the century readers “interlocutor”.

March 15 Alla Pugacheva beyond Philip Kirkorov Bodrosovicha. Big concert tour of Germany, Russia, the United States, the Baltic States and the CIS.

CD: “Alla Pugacheva”, CD: “I believe in you”.

State Prize of Russia for achievements in the field of theater (pop) art. Creating a program “Star summer.”Grand tour of the CIS countries. Out of a five television movie”Wait and remember me.” Care sabbatical.

CD: “Way Star”, CD: “Do not hurt me, gentlemen”.

Creating and directing concert Arkady Ukupnik.

13CD: “Collection”, CD: “Songs of Alexander Zatsepin singing Alla Pugacheva”.

The emergence of the world’s first website devoted to work by Alla Pugacheva. Participation in the contest “Eurovision”with the song”Diva”(15th place). Creating a collection of shoes”Alla Pugachova”. Return to the professional stage. Reconstruction of the “Christmas meetings”.

CD: “Two Star”, CD-single, “Diva”, 2CD: “Surprise from Alla Pugacheva”, 3CD: “Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva”, CD: “Igor Nikolaev 98”.

Creating a program “Yes!”and”Favorites”. Big concert tour in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, the United States. The birth of his grandson Danny.

Big concert tour in Russia, CIS, USA, Germany. Awarding the Order “For Services to the Fatherland II degree”.

CD: “Monologue”, 2CD: “Favorites”, DVD “Favorites.”Alla Pugacheva recognized singer-century readers”MK”.

Big concert tour in Russia, the CIS, the USA, Israel, Canada. Awarding the Order of St. Nicholas in Kiev for the multiplication of good in the world.

CD-maxi-single: “Snow White”, CD-maxi-single: “Madame Broshkina”.

Alla PugachevaAlla Pugacheva
Alla PugachevaAlla Pugacheva
Alla PugachevaAlla Pugacheva

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