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Biography Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) was born May 31, 1930 in San Francisco – American actor, director, producer and composer. Clint’s father – Clinton Eastwood (Clinton Eastwood) (1906-1970), was an immigrant worker and steel plant, and his mother – Margaret Ruth Eastwood (Margaret Ruth Eastwood) née Runner (Runner) (1909-2006), also worked at the factory. In the hospital newborn boy nicknamed Samson because of truly outstanding weight – at birth weighed 5.2 kg Clint.

Clint Eastwood Irish, Scottish and Danish roots. He grew up in a working class family, along with her younger sister Jenny (b. 1934). The family moved often because his father worked in different factories on the west coast. When Clint reached school age, the family settled in the town of Piedmont, Calif.

According to a press release from CBS, the company Universal Studios (then it was called «Universal-International») filmed at Fort Ord, when one of the assistants saw Eastwood and appointed him a meeting with the director. According to the official biography of Eastwood, a man named Chuck Hill (Chuck Hill) secured him a place in the company Universal. With connections in Hollywood, Eastwood Hill managed to hold one of the studios of Universal, and show it to the operator Glassbergu Irving (Irving Glassberg). Glassberg, in turn, gave the young Eastwood samples with director Arthur Lubin (Arthur Lubin), which was impressed the figure of the future stars of Hollywood.

With the rise of 1.93 m statura Eastwood really was outstanding, but the director did not mention his acting skills. “He was very clumsy, I did not know how and where to turn, how to go, did not know how and what to do”- said of the newfound Lubin actor. Eastwood advised to enroll in acting classes, and the initial contract signed in 1954 to $ 100 per week (equivalent to the current amount of 869 dollars a week). Eastwood has often been criticized for the fact that he was inflexible, constantly squinting and tsedil replicas through his teeth … these features will soon become a”visiting card” of the movie stars of the global scale.

With the young years, Eastwood had a very stormy relationship. All his life he will be known as the “serial womanizer.” At age 23 he married Clint Johnson Maggie (Maggie Johnson), six months after meeting on a blind date. Nevertheless, the marriage would not be very healthy, and Eastwood understand that married too early. By Maggie Johnson at Eastwood had two children – a son Kyle Eastwood (Kyle Eastwood) (b. May 19, 1968) and daughter Alison Eastwood (Alison Eastwood) (b. May 22, 1972). Johnson filed for divorce in 1978, but the divorce process was delayed, and the couple finally broke the marriage only in 1984.

The first formal role Eastwood was the role of laboratory technician in the movie “Revenge of the creature» («Revenge of the Creature») in 1955. In the credits it has not been specified. Over the next three years, he had a few small roles in such films as “Lady Godiva of Coventry» («Lady Godiva of Coventry»), «Never Say Goodbye» («Never Say Goodbye»), «The Japanese adventure” (” Escapade in Japan »), as well as a role in voicing the film” Francis in the Navy »(« Francis in the Navy »). None of these roles were not listed in the credits.

In the early sixties colleague Eastwood in the film “rawhide» («Rawhide») Fleming Eric (Eric Fleming) rejected the offer as in the Italian western “A Fistful of Dollars» («A Fistful of Dollars»). The film was shot in a remote area of ​​the then little-known Spanish director Sergio Leone (Sergio Leone). Knowing that Eastwood is ideal for the role of a cowboy, director Richart Harrison (Richard Harrison) Eastwood offered the role.

Eastwood agreed, knowing that the new role will help him to move away from their traditional way of “rawhide”. It signed a contract for $ 15,000 (the equivalent of today’s 112.902 dollars) and a car Mercedes for 11 weeks of work. The film “A Fistful of Dollars”found the key to the history of the genre of so-called”spaghetti westerns”. The picture shows the director Leone even more lawless and desolate world than traditional westerns than a challenge to established American stereotype image of lone cowboy. The success of the film Eastwood has brought recognition in Italy. Trilogy “A Fistful of Dollars.””For a few dollars more» («For a Few Dollars More»), and”The Good, the Bad and the Ugly» («The Good, the Bad and the Ugly») published in the United States only in 1967. Three films come out in January, May and December, respectively.

June 17 1964 at Clint Eastwood’s first child was born – son Quimper Tyunis (Kimber Tunis) from Tyunis dancer Roxanne (Roxanne Tunis). His firstborn Eastwood did not recognize until 1996.

In the mid-sixties, the increased popularity Eastwood began to bring him more roles. In 1968 he starred in “Vzderni them higher» («Hang ‘Em High»), the first film produced by Clint Eastwood’s «The Malpaso Company». A year later, he was the only star in the musical of his career – “California Gold» («Paint Your Wagon»). After Sean Connery said he did not want to act in a role of James Bond, this much to be offered the role of Clint Eastwood. He, however, refused, saying that the agent “007” must necessarily play a British actor.

His next role was Joe Kidd in the same film («Joe Kidd»), released in theaters in 1972. A year later, he will play the director and the lead role in a more western – “The rider with the high plains» («High Plains Drifter»). Soon Eastwood offered the role of Benjamin L. Ullarda (Benjamin L. Willard) in the famous film “Apocalypse Now» («Apocalypse Now») Francis Ford Coppola, but he again refused, citing reluctance to carry out the shooting in the Philippines.

In the autumn of 1975 during the filming of “Josey Wales – a man outside the law» («The Outlaw Josey Wales») from Eastwood began an affair with actress Sondra Locke (Sondra Locke). They will live together for fourteen years, despite the fact that Locke will be formally married to a homosexual Gordon Anderson (Gordon Anderson). Over the last three years of his life with Locke, Eastwood has become a father of two children from the stewardess Jacqueline Reeves (Jacelyn Reeves). The relationship with Reeves, he carefully concealed.

In 1979, Eastwood starred in the thriller “Escape from Alcatraz» («Escape from Alcatraz»), this work was his last with director Don Segal (Don Siegel). The film is based on real events – the escape of a prisoner of Frank Lee Morris. A year later, Eastwood directed and perform starred in the movie “Bronco Billy» («Bronco Billy»). The film also starred and Sondra Locke. According Eastwood shooting the film were given to him the easiest of his career. In 1982 saw the release of “Singing in pubs» («Honkytonk Man»), another director’s work and the main role of Eastwood. In the second half of the eighties he began to work on smaller, more personal projects such as’ Loop »(« Tightrope ») (1984),”Brawl in the city »(« City Heat ») (1984),” The Hit List”(” The Dead Pool ») (1988) and the biopic about jazzman Charlie Parker,” Bird »(« Bird ») (1988). In the period from 1988 to 1992 in Eastwood’s career, a period of calm.

In addition, Eastwood has always participated in political life, and rather successfully. In 1986 he won the mayoral election in his hometown of Carmel, Calif.

In 1990, Eastwood became the director and performer of one of the main roles in the movie “Junior» («The Rookie») with Charlie Sheen. In the same year Eastwood began living with actress Frances Fisher (Frances Fisher), whom he met on the set of the film “Pink Cadillac» («Pink Cadillac») at the end of 1988. Together they starred in “Unforgiven» («Unforgiven»), and August 7, 1993 they have a daughter Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (Francesca Fisher-Eastwood). Relationship Eastwood Fisher and ended in 1995, but the two remain good friends and colleagues. Eastwood’s next passion became presenter Dina Ruiz (Dina Ruiz), whom he met in 1993. Ruiz Eastwood younger than 35 years. They were married on March 31, 1996.

In May 1994, in Cannes Clint Eastwood received an honorary French award – the Order of Arts and Letters, and on March 27 of next year – the prestigious Academy Award – Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.

In 2000, Eastwood became the director and starred in the movie “Space Cowboys» («Space Cowboys») together with Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland. Three years later, was “Mystic River» («Mystic River») Pen with Sean and Kevin Bacon. 2005th Eastwood brought another success with the film “Million Dollar Baby dollars”, where he was a director, producer and screenwriter. September 22, 2007 Clint Eastwood was awarded an honorary doctorate Berklee College of Music. In his speech at the ceremony, he said: “This award – one of the most valuable of my life».

In 2010, after a four-year break, will be directed by Eastwood picture “Hereafter» («Hereafter») with Matt Damon in the title role. In June, the 2013th became known that Eastwood is working on a film adaptation of the famous Broadway musical “Jersey Boys» («Jersey Boys»). In August of the same year, he held talks about his work on the film “American Sniper» («American Sniper»), the memoirs of the same name by Chris Kyle (Chris Kyle). The project needs a new director following the departure of Steven Spielberg.

From the earliest stages of Eastwood directing career, he opposed the habit many times to retake the stage for a perfect performance. In the director’s work, he has always tried to adhere to the same principles as in acting. The result – he became known approaches that reduce the production pattern, and consequently – the cost of the project.

Despite the fact that most of the characters Eastwood constantly appear on the screen with a cigarette, he himself – all his life has been and remains an opponent of smoking and an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Eastwood – a golf lover and the owner of the golf club «Tehàma Golf Club». Under his patronage of tournaments and charity events. Almost every character Eastwood directly associated with firearms, but he since the early seventies, advocates for a government controls over arms.

Alison EastwoodAlison Eastwood
Alison EastwoodAlison Eastwood
Alison EastwoodAlison Eastwood

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