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What you missed this week on the country Coen Brothers, James Franco – poet, Paul Dano – Brian Wilson, JJ Abrams takes “Star Wars”, Khlebnikov travels to Berlin

Competition Announced Berlin

They announced last participants of the competition program of the Berlinale:

“until midnight” Richard Linklater

The results of the Year by the Cinema Scope

Belated ten best films of the 2012 version of Cinema Scope: in the first place – “Leviathan”Lucien Kasteyndzha-Taylor, the fifth (suddenly) –”Django Unchained”.

Brooklynites about the show “Girls”

Reporter Vulture went to Brooklyn to talk to the real people of the district of the series Lena Dunham (viewed from 1.20, where my grandfather sitting on the steps in front of the house where live the heroine, begins the conversation with, “The Big Bang Theory” much funnier):

The new Coen brothers film and Almanac “Centro hist & oacute; rico”

Paul Dano will play Brian Wilson, Julian Assange against his biopic, “Star Wars” JJ Abrams and other headline

Brian Wilson biopic The Beach Boys played by Paul Dano. He puts his producer “Tree of Life & raquo ;, and wrote screenwriter”I’m not here”.

“The Canyons” Paul Schrader’s failures continue to haunt – Now they do not even have to SXSW. Bret Easton Ellis tweeted timidly complains he does not understand why everyone is so it’s a good movie.

Julian Assange read the script of his biopic (where it must play Kamberbatch) and flew into a rage.

Metamorphosis of a new trilogy “Star Wars”continued: first they had to put like Zack Snyder, it turned out that was not true, and now they seem to be engaged in JJ Abrams (who at first denies). Vulture already had time to even make a list of things. which may be in its version. And – Attention! – in an episode of” The Empire Strikes Back & raquo ;, it turns out, was Mickey Mouse.

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​likely to play a major role at the Paul Thomas Anderson in the film adaptation of the novel pinchonovskogo “Inherent Vice” instead refused to Robert Downey Jr.

Kate Winslet will play in the film adaptation of the bestselling Veronica Roth “divergents” Pro features sixteen-year girl in a post-apocalyptic Chicago, where the whole world is divided into several competing orders, and it fits right in a few, but it’s a secret. Who will play Winslet is still unknown, but they say that it is involved in all three parts of the film adaptation.

The premiere of the new season “Mad Men” It is scheduled for April 7th. Peggy Olsen remains with us, Pete Campbell is in any case not commit suicide, Matthew Weiner asks viewers to reconsider especially before the sixth season of the last ten minutes past four, says the stunning effect is guaranteed.

“Kick-2” has published the first official promokadr on which we can see Jim Carrey in a mask and with a dog (also in the mask).

Chloe Grace Moretz will play in the film adaptation of the long-suffering project “If I Stay” about seventeen year old girl, which fell into an accident with your family and talk about life, relationships, and music from a coma.

All you want to know about the ” Expendables & raquo ;, which has Sylvester Stallone, cops, criminals and everyone else – all shoot each other in the head.

Not all of the original superheroes “Justice League” get into the filming Warner Bros. Of course, the cut in the first place girls.

Mila Kunis wants to star in the film adaptation of “Fifty shades of gray”.

( below ) would look like Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs:

James Franco – therefore (at least it seems so)

A man of many talents James Franco wrote a poem on the occasion of the inauguration of President Obama – Obama in Asheville, – which has already appeared on a bunch of parodies and retaliatory verses with a lengthy discourse on the nature and work of Franco himself.

Sadilova shot migrant workers as migrant workers

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