Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Born: February 7, 1929 Tocopilla Chile

Alejandro Jodorowsky – actor, director, producer, composer, playwright, mime, writer, comic books and a psychotherapist. Especially known for his esoteric, surreal and shocking films and a number of comics. In addition, he – a spiritualist, sticking with the current “New Age”and one of the leading researchers of the tarot. Since the late 1990s, he paid great attention to the development of psychotherapeutic technique called”psihomagiya” aimed at recovery from the psychological injuries sustained in the early stages of life.

He was born February 7, 1929 in the Chilean town of Tocopilla in a family of Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine and Belarus Haim Jodorowsky Groisman and Sara Felicidad Prullanski Arkavi.

In the late 40’s – early 50’s was a movement that brings together young talents. Along with Jodorowsky it included Jose Donoso, Enrique Lin, Jorge Edwards. At the same time, organized theater mimes, who gave performances at the Experimental Theater of the University of Chile.

At the age of 23, leaving Chile. In 1962, with Fernando Arrabal and Roland Axe founded the movement “Panic”(with a hint of the god Pan), proclaiming his three starts of horror, humor and simultaneity. Career directed it starts in Mexico, taking in 1967 film”Fando and Lis” based on the eponymous play Fernando Arrabal. Displaying pictures on a festival in Acapulco provoked major unrest, the director had to flee with him to escape from the angry spectators.

The second film Jodorowsky, surreal and existential Western “mole.”It was filmed in 1970 and immediately became a cult.”Mole”Jodorowsky brought worldwide fame thanks to which John Lennon through his producer Allen Klein offered to finance his next project, which was the film”The Holy Mountain”. shot in 1973.

At this time, there comes a lull in activity as a director Jodorowsky. He moved to Paris, where for a long time working in the company of mime Marcel Marceau.

For more than five years he prepares one of his most ambitious projects – an adaptation of the novel “Dune.”Jodorowsky invited to participate in the film of Orson Welles and Salvador Dali. Above decoration works by the French painter Jean”Moebius” Giraud, on the scenery – Hans Giger, on music – Pink Floyd. However, the film has not been removed – due to the constant postponement of the beginning of filming the producers abandoned the project. The rest of it over 3000 figures formed the basis of comic book «El Incal».

In 1980 Jodorowsky film shoots in India, “Tusk».

In 1989, after a long break, he returned to work in film and film shoots in Mexico, “Holy Blood”. the screenplay for which he worked 6 years.

In 1990, against his will, he takes his most commercial film – “Rainbow Thief».

In 2000, Jodorowsky received the award named after Jack Smith for his contribution to cinema at the Chicago festival an underground cinema. At the festival, which is visited by the director, his films were shown “The Mole”and”Holy Mountain.” However, until recently it was not clear whether the government will allow the display of these pictures with unclear legal status.

Because of the conflict with Allen Klein, owns the rights to the movie “The Mole”and”Holy Mountain.” – These pictures are not officially published. However, in 2005 the differences were settled, and it was announced that the preparation of these films to be released on DVD.

In 2007, the Belgian theater “Pointe Zero”put written specifically for him Jodorowsky play”School ventriloquists”, which had a large and somewhat controversial (like everything else work Jodorowsky) success in Europe.


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Publications in English

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Alejandro JodorowskyAlejandro Jodorowsky
Alejandro JodorowskyAlejandro Jodorowsky
Alejandro JodorowskyAlejandro Jodorowsky

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