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Hi! I’m Acacia Brinley! =^,^= This is my ONLY public Google page! See exclusive pictures and videos of what’s happening in my life! Love you all xx

I’m Acacia Brinley, my birthday is October 22, 1997. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts but a few months later moved to Indiana, which is where my entire extended family lives. Before pre-school I moved to Pennsylvania, I started Pre-school, Kindergarten, and began 1st grade there. Then half-way through first grade, I moved to Southern California because my dad got a job at Disney engineering off ice. I moved a couple times around SoCal. Then, the summer before 5th grade, I moved to Georgia for about 4 months but my family didn’t feel like it was home, so we moved back to the LA area. At the end of 8th grade, I decided to move to Minnesota. At the time, my dad was working there so it wasn’t a problem. I lived with my dad for a little over 2 months but I just couldn’t take being away from my sunny SoCal. So I moved back and finished middle school. I currently still live in the LA area and I’m never going to move away again, I belong here. Over all these years, I’ve gone to 15 schools, including Pre-K. I’ve met many great people and lived in very diverse locations, which all helped shape who I am today.

I first got interested in singing when I was almost 2 years old. I was head over heels for Britney Spears, I started singing her songs before I could complete sentences or even say very much. She was my inspiration to become a pop star. Then when I got older, like 7-8 years old, my dad would carry a camera wherever he went. I’d always be ready for photos or to put on a performance. My dream of being a popstar started to fade and I decided I was going to be model. Actually, when I was a toddler I was about to be the face a major clothing company. It was between me and this other little girl. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it because the clothes were too small for my lanky, long body. Later, when I was starting 1st grade, my eldest brother, Peyton, got a role in the high school play when he was still in Elementary school. The highschool put on "Annie Get Your Gun" and he played the role of the youngest brother which was one of the main characters. After he was in that, I got really interested in acting. I wanted to be just like him at that time. Playing a character and dressing up seemed like a lot of fun to me.

Peyton become a actor and model when we first moved to Southern California. I slowly started to follow in my big brother’s foot steps when I was around 11. I got an agent and my parents were my mangers. First big modeling job, I did was for You Rock Guitar. Then, kept working and working.

I also started to theater. I did the Passion Play/Easter Play for 4 years. I was also in a play called "HONK" It’s the story of the Ugly Duckling. My favorite play that I was in was "Oliver" based off the book "Oliver Twist".

After those, I realized Theater was fun, but it wasn’t me.

My family started a singing/performance group called Vocal Variations in 2010. We covered popular songs and traveled California, Arizona, and Nevada performing at places like Carnivals and Festivals. The group was not made to go far in the industry but just to give us practice of performing infront of crowds on stage. We recorded a Christmas Album in 2010 and in 2011 we recorded our first original Album called "Where’s Mark?" I wasn’t on it much because back then I wasn’t the best singer. But I did get the experience of recording in a studio. V2 (Vocal Variations) went on for 3 years. We had from 3-24 members at a time. People came and went. We had about 65 different people join and leave V2. If I was never apart of this group my voice wouldn’t have improved as much as it has. During this time, I als went on auditions and attended acting classes. All the time.

In 7th grade, decided to create a Tumblr because I was being bullied at school and I felt no one in my family noticed my existence. Tumblr was my place to escape. My blog, like most blogs, started out pretty bad, but got better and better. My dad also gave me his old DSLR Camera (Just a nice camera, like Canon or Nikon) I started doing photography and posting them on my blog, I also, of course, took selfies and posted them. They started getting tons of notes and my follower count grew like CRAZY. I then started making videos for my followers, just being weird me. People kept telling me how much I made them laugh so I decided to make more videos and post them on Youtube. They started getting around 5,000 views each was pretty surprising.

Of course, like a lot of known people, my ask box on tumblr started getting filled with more and more hate. I didn’t know how to take it because of my other problems so I broke down. I kept going on Tumblr though, even though that was happening. Over time, I basically, just. Got used to it. I kept thinking positive thoughts, I always told myself things like, "They don’t know you." "You’re beautiful" "No one but you, yourself knows who you really are." "You are Loved" "Stay Strong"

Now, I’m basically immuned to hate comments. I mean obviously, every once in a while I have bad days and then I see the hate and it isn’t such a nice thing to be piled on a bad day. But, you know what they say, "It may be a bad day, week, month, or year, but it is NOT a bad life" I keep my head up.

I still make Youtube videos, just videos of me being me or of my life. I still help girls and guys around the world with self-harm, suicide, and self-esteem issues. You may not see in publicly as much but it is still going on.

Now, I have done some things in my past that most would called "mistakes" or "regrets" I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of myself for doing those things, but I will say that I am proud of the person I am today, which was affected by my past. I love who I have become.

I am 1/3 of a girl trio called Girl Squad. We are a group of self-empowered, confident girls who try to show girls that it’s alright to be you. You can see what we’re up to at or on any of our social medias:

Youtube: Officialgirlsquad

Twitter: @Girlsquadworld

Instagram: @GirlSquadWorld

Pheed: @GirlSquadWorld

SoundCloud: @Girlsquadworld

That is my life in a nutshell.

My journey is just about to start, and you’re invited to come along. ♥

Acacia BrinleyAcacia Brinley
Acacia BrinleyAcacia Brinley
Acacia BrinleyAcacia Brinley

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